Best of 2017: My Fave Books


Hello dear friends!

I first fell in love when I was a young child, perhaps 5 or 6 years old. It was the smell of the pages, and the way that books transported me to anywhere that really did me in. I would spend hours and hours alone in my room (well, I wasn’t totally alone- I had my cat and dozens of stuffed animals keeping me company) reading my little heart out. I think those formative years were just a preview of what was to come, because I’ve never stopped reading. As an introvert and all-around nerd, the pile of books to read is endless, and I love it!

When I started my own healing adventures with chronic illness, trust me, I put my love of reading to good use. I pored over books about nutrition, virology, genetics, yoga, Reiki, sustainability, name it, I’ve read it. And now that I’m a Certified Health Coach and Reiki Master/Teacher and it’s my job (nay, my passion and privilege!) to help others heal, my reading takes on a new significance. I love to gobble up new information and so I thought, why not make a post to share some of it with you?

I’m rounding out the year with a couple posts about my favorite things. If you haven’t already checked out my favorite supplements of 2017, head on over and check that out! I felt it would be fitting to also tell you guys about my fave books from this year, so without further ado, here are some books that have made a positive impact on me in 2017!

1. Thyroid Healing

Many of you have probably heard of Medical Medium by now, but if you haven’t, I really encourage you to go check out his work. When I read his first book, it resonated with me so strongly, and I felt better when I followed his guidelines. Granted, his message requires a bit of an open mind, but I was thankfully in a place to receive it at the time. His latest book, Thyroid Healing, busts some myths about thyroid disease (which I’ve had since age 14), and how to finally recover for real.

2. The Power of Love

I had the privilege of seeing James Van Praagh in person at my church this year, and it was so incredible! This book will really open your eyes about everything from our purpose here in Earth School, to the concept of “death.” James is a gifted medium and spiritual teacher, and unlike a lot of books out there, this one will leave you feeling uplifted, hopeful, and filled with joy. Whether you’ve recently lost a loved one or not, I recommend this read.

3. The Four Spiritual Laws of prosperity

Let’s face it- most of us struggle with money. Especially any of us working in the health/spirituality field. As someone who has been through disabling illness, divorce, and bankruptcy, I realized I was stuck in a cycle of lack, and this book really helped turned that around. Edwene Gaines (whom I also saw at my church this year) is a no-nonsense southern lady, and she gives it to you straight in this book, how to live a life of abundance. I’ve already read it 3 times, it’s that good!

4. Unf*ck Your Habitat

I’ve been a minimalist for a long while now, but this is honestly the first book I’ve ever read that really makes decluttering and cleaning realistic and accessible to everyone. Seriously. Everyone. The author addresses those of us living with chronic (physical and mental) illness, those living with family, and those living in “unconventional” arrangements too. Hallelujah! Finally, a book that acknowledges a diverse group of needs, and also includes tutorials on cleaning techniques, and ways to keep your area tidy and useful for you. I highly recommend this one for anyone, but especially those struggling to adhere to the usual minimalism/decluttering standards out there.

5. Unlocking Lyme

Dr. Bill Rawls is one of my personal heros, not only for his personal story of overcoming Lyme, but also for the incredible company that he’s built- Vital Plan. This book is a wealth of knowledge for anyone living with Lyme or chronic illness, and he’s taken the time to go through tons of potential causes and treatments of symptoms, emphasizing natural and holistic methods! I was offered this book for free earlier this year, and I’m glad I said yes. It will remain a great reference piece on my shelf for myself and my clients.

6. The Fully Raw Diet

After exploring a wide variety of diets over the years, and even though I consider myself “paleo,” I feel my best with a large percentage of raw, fresh fruits and veggies. This book was really helpful to me, to understand good ways to prep and combine raw foods for optimal health. Plus, Kristina is such a positive, uplifting person, it’s hard not to like her! If you want to learn how to incorporate more vibrant, colorful raw foods into your diet, this is a great resource. She was the one that introduced me to the banana-celery smoothie...hey, don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

7. Crystal Muse

I don’t even remember how this magical book came into my hands, but I was enthralled from the moment I started reading it. I’ve been big into energy healing for several years now, and love working with crystals and stones, for myself and clients. This book is beautiful, well-organized, and offers lots of great rituals to help you connect with your own intuition and the Divine wisdom. If you’re new to crystal work, or just want to have more ideas on how to work with them, this is a lovely book. I even gave it to a friend for xmas this year (hey, Melissa!)!

These 7 books have been instrumental in making my 2017 better, and I hope you can find some inspiration in them too!

Have you read any life-changing books this year? Tell me all about them in the comments below!!

Lots of love, and a Happy New Year!

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~

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