So Buddhi-ful! My Review of BuddhiBox

Hello dear friends!

I've recently had the opportunity to hook up with the lovely people over at BuddhiBox and do a little review of their September subscription box. I also wrote a guest blog about yoga poses for insomnia, so stay tuned for that as well!

I know that mail-delivered subscription boxes are all the rage now, and can be great tools for helping people make healthier and more mindful changes in their lives, whether that's through healthy food, natural body products, yoga tools, or other goodies. They are especially awesome for people who don't have the time or energy to spare shopping for new products (like we chronically-fatigued peeps!), because they land right in your mailbox, hassle-free!

Out of all the companies out there, there were only a few that really spoke to me, and BuddhiBox was one of those. Founded on the principles of discovery, union, and compassion, they share new products with the world while contributing to a different deserving charity each month. For September, the lucky recipient was Sgt Pepper's Friends, an animal rescue and advocacy organization based in Aruba. 

 River was very happy at this choice of charity

River was very happy at this choice of charity

Like many of you, I absolutely adore getting mail. In the age of digital everything, it was really exciting to open up something beautiful and tangible. So let's explore what came inside! An overview: 

  • Awesome cards for yoga poses (down dog, how appropriate!), fitness subscriptions, and a quote card from Buddhibox
  • Hair and body butter from Co-Pur 
  • Freesia sport wash from No Sweat
  • Headache relief oil from The Essential Nest
  • Reusable snack pouches from LOVEbags
  • A chocolate blond Rickaroon
  • Cute packaging and good vibes

I'm always happy when these types of boxes include practical things to make our lives easier, so this was such a treat for me!

This Hair and Body Butter came at just the right time, as I am trying to transition away from commercial conditioners and had been considering some kind of oil blend instead. Bonus points because it smells fresh and soothing, and is made by a local company (Colo-RAD-o in da house!). I rubbed some onto my feet before bed and dabbed some into my hair during my shower, feeling quite moisturized and soft! I imagine just a small jar like this one will go a long way, so thanks to Co-Pur and Buddhibox for helping me make the transition to a healthier body/hair care routine!


This stuff smells like a lush tropical island- I could not stop inhaling it! I couldn't wait to try it on my batch of sports bras and yoga pants, and I was not disappointed with the results. They came out of the washer without the same stale stink that they've had for a while now, and seemed to stay fresher longer. Yes, I wear my sports bras more than once before washing them- so sue me! I'm glad I got the chance to try this product, and now have hope for my workout gear.

Ah, how much do I love essential oils? Especially in roller balls?? I seriously have quite the collection, and this one will fit right in. I love the inclusion of basil oil with the usual lavender and peppermint pain relievers, and it gives it a lovely smell. Like I'm sitting outside in a garden in springtime. I can't have enough headache relief oil, since that pain is something I deal with almost daily, and I'm happy to have this delicious rollerball blend in my purse right now!

 River likes whales, apparently

River likes whales, apparently

In my recent quest to up my greenie game, I believe these reusable snack baggies are going to be right at home here. I am in the car quite a bit, and do a lot of my writing work at libraries and coffeeshops, but hauling Ziploc bags everywhere hasn't been a sustainable choice for me. But I love the convenience of lightweight, sealable bags, and there aren't many alternatives. LOVEbags to the rescue! They can be washed in the dishwasher, they're adorable, and I can write my name on them in case of a possible snack thief (or when I'm feeling nostalgic for primary school). What's not to L-O-V-E? I may have to snag a few other designs soon...

I inherited my intense love of coconut macaroons from my father, so pretty much any new variation on this classic is a win in my book. Plus, it has chocolate, and how could you possibly hate that? I indulged in this lovely little nosh while I was working on an afternoon blog, and wowee it was delish! Soft, almost cakelike, and filled with coconutty goodness. And it wasn't tiny either, so I felt satisfied when I was finished...not that I would have turned down a second, but hey...Go get yourself some of these, friends!

I just loved going through my September BuddhiBox subscription, and I definitely plan to keep using some of these awesome products. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending one my way so I could check it out!* 

Go on over and give these nice people a hug. And by hug, I mean a "like"! You can also give them suggestions on what to include in upcoming boxes, so make your voices heard! Perhaps you'll discover an amazing new product that makes you feel good, look good, or smell good. And we can agree that those are all good things...

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~


* Full disclosure: In exchange for this review, I received this one subscription box for free!