Adventures In Healing: Cacey Finds Peace Again As He Heals From Severe Fatigue


Hello dear friends!

I’m honored to share another story with you today, from Cacey Scott. He has been healing from severe fatigue and mystery chronic illness, using mindset, spirituality, and the Medical Medium protocols. He’s a wealth of information and guidance, and I’ve loved following his journey online for over a year now.

So without further ado, let’s see what wisdom Cacey has to share with us!


What symptoms, dis-eases, or diagnoses have you healed, or are currently healing?

I was diagnosed with and currently healing from Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, and adrenal fatigue.

Tell us a little bit about your health journey.

In Spring 2017, I decided to begin my health journey by changing my eating and life habits. Mind you, I thought I was in good health at this time. I did a 3 month taper off of Paxil (anxiety med) all while stopping coffee, alcohol, processed foods, dairy, and gluten. I was going through a tough break up during all of this. I was reading mindful and spiritual books trying to learn as much as I can to help with the dark thoughts and feelings that were beginning to take over me. Also, I was eating a very high fat and low carb diet and I kept getting worse and worse. I eventually had to go on disability because I had no focus, and the anxiety and depression were getting very intense. This is when I began my journey going from doctor to doctor (MD’s to therapists to naturopathic doctors) searching for answers to what was happening to me. My MD told me it was just anxiety. My naturopath told my I had severe adrenal fatigue (which was true) but what she recommended only made me worse. I eventually got so sick from pure fear and high fat that I thought I was dying for 3 months! I was a hypochondriac in my teens and all of that came back times ten when I started having these terrifying symptoms. It was the perfect storm that led to severe chronic illness.

I finally got a Lyme diagnosis from a MD with a holistic approach. I thought I had the answer, but something still didn’t feel right about it. I continued my search on how to heal. My MD ended up diagnosing me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Epstein Barr virus), this felt more right. Right after I got that diagnosis, I knew what was happening. 7 months before this, My friend gave me a book called Medical Medium Life Changing Foods, and I had listened to one of Medical Mediums podcast 7 months before about EBV. At that time I didn’t take any of it seriously but it was put in my path for a reason. I was guided back to it when I was ready. So after the CFS diagnosis I opened that book and started listening to all of Medical Mediums podcast and EVERYTHING CLICKED!

Over night I stopped eating the pounds of meat that was making me sicker and went to whole food low fat plant based diet that was made up of only fruits, veggies, herbs, spices, and wild foods! Medical Medium information made so much sense to me, all the meanwhile I had been asking for God’s guidance. I was right where I was suppose to be. I had to understand that the doctor couldn’t help me. Going back to 3 months before rediscovering Medical Medium, I had to overcome a severe amount of fear that I was dying, to start moving forward. So I realized that I hadn’t died yet, so I started facing it by journaling about it. I would be crying my eyes out while doing this, but I slowly began to take my power back. I started breathing exercises, journaling, meditation, gratitude, awareness, and deep reflection. All the spiritual and mindful books I read before I got real sick were coming back to help me now. I was able to recover some of my adrenal health by stop reacting to what was out of my control and stepping into the unknown with trust and believing in the best possible outcome rather then the worst. Fast forward three months, when I found medical medium I dove ALL IN! I made a vulnerable healing post about Medical Medium and I won a contest that was going on, on his Instagram. I didn’t even know there was a contest! It was a sign from God. I won three of his books along with a lot of new followers who I could relate with. When I received the books, I read them all (the best I could because my focus and memory was awful) and the rest was history.

I stopped going to the doctors and starting connecting with God, my body, and the earthly foods that he recommend. I learned and studied my body and the process in complete surrender to all of it! You know how I was a hypochondriac? Once I got rid of the fear, I had an amazing ability already engrained in my subconscious to pay very close attention to my body. This paid off greatly and I knew that this illness was meant for me. I was able to pay so close attention to my body and what it was doing(because of medical medium information) in return I figured out how to heal myself. I figured out what was happening in my body at the same time the reaction it was giving me in my mind with the thoughts and feelings. Everything is all connected. God was guiding me every step of the way to understand the truth and in return heal me and help inspire others along the way! It has been 19 months beginning my medical medium healing journey and it has been a roller coaster ride from hell, BUT I have found such peace, purpose, and freedom on a soul level. In the midst of the darkness, I found the beauty of life. I become the light in the darkness. I was documenting my whole journey on my Instagram with full vulnerability and truth. This gave me such purpose and helped heal me so much more and knowing I was helping so many others brought me so much joy. All of this happened organically for me once I stepped out of fear and into faith and vulnerability.

What books, shows, podcasts, etc...were/are helpful for you?

At my worst lost 30 lbs. from 170 to 140

At my worst lost 30 lbs. from 170 to 140




Who has been instrumental in your journey to health?

God, ME, Medical Medium, My parents, my family, Jess Guidroz (brother in law), Sam Davis (friend), Don Miguel Ruiz, Tara Brach, Tony Robbins, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Buddha, and many other spiritual teachers.

What are your top 5 favorite herbs or supplements?

What are some of your favorite healing foods or recipes?

  • Celery juice

  • Melons

  • Bananas

  • Wild Blueberries

  • Apples

  • Dates

  • Avocado

  • Leafy Greens (spinach and romaine)

  • Aloe Vera

  • Lemon water

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Russet Potatoes!

These foods have been more or less exactly what I’ve eaten everyday for 19 months. I’ve eaten russet potato (potato scramble I call it) almost every night for dinner for 15 months!

slowly putting on weight and recovering

slowly putting on weight and recovering


  • Steam russet potatoes until soft

  • Chop up half head of romaine

  • 1/2-1 avocado

  • Cayenne pepper

  • Basil

  • Oregano

  • Steamed broccoli

  • Coconut aminos

Mixed all together! Super healing dinner!

Tell us about some of your setbacks, and how you overcame them.

My biggest set back was FEAR. Fear was causing me to stay in this vicious cycle and only creating things to get worse and worse. I realized that everything was going to happen regardless of how I reacted. So I trained myself to stop reacting to anything and everything. This was THE GAME CHANGER. I started living ONLY in faith. Every time there was a chance to fear and worry, which was everyday, I SURRENDERED to God. I didn’t give into the fear. Every time God showed me that there was nothing to fear besides fear itself and that he was in control. As soon as I started trusting, he guided me to everything I needed in the moment I needed it.

What is one technique, therapy, or product that made a big difference for you?

Well besides all of Medical Mediums advice and a clean whole food low fat plant based diet, deep belly breathing and meditation! I began a doing these two as much as Possibly could! The deep belly breathing I would do 5 times a day for 10-15 minutes for week and this trained my subconscious to always be breathing deeply. This took me and continues to take me out of fight or flight and into rest and digest. This helped me overcome fear and severe PTSD. This breathing along with meditation taught me how to stop reacting to my thoughts and feelings and start observing them. So the only reason I’ve been able to heal while having severe PTSD, dark thoughts and feelings was because I have been observing them rather then being stuck in them. If I didn’t do this I would still be stuck in fight or flight causing tremendous amounts of adrenaline and my liver would not have been able to filter out the poisons. These mindful breathing and meditation practices have been life changing and life saving!

How important is mindfulness and/or spirituality for healing? What does that look like for you?


I just talked about mindfulness above so I will talk about spirituality. Spiritually to me, is THE WAY TO HEALING. The best way I can describe spirituality is it’s here to help us so we don’t have to do this alone. You still put in the effort but you put all your trust in God or the universe whatever you may believe in. For me it’s God. I started asking for God’s guidance everyday and I let go of what that looked like and I was guided to everything I needed in the moment I needed it to teach me how to heal. God provides everything on the other side of fear. So once I stepped out of fear and started trusting him, He led the way. There is a purpose and lesson in literally everything we do and there are signs happening for us everywhere and always! I was able to put in the spiritual work and the internal work to figure this out and it is leading me to complete freedom and ease mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually. When you become spiritual, what it does for your body is puts you at peace which takes away fear which takes you out of fight or flight as well. The more you trust the more you heal because it calms the adrenaline in the body. Once again, one of the MAIN reasons I have healed and am still healing.

What does your life look like right now in terms of your health?

My health has come SO FAR. I am healing 32 years of poisons in my body and generations of heavy metals passed down through the bloodline to me. I would say I am 70% healed, which is spectacular for how bad I was and it’s only been 20 months. I say only because it takes a long time to heal from severe chronic illness. I can finally focus, read, And retain information again which I’m STOKED about. The mental aspect was by far the worse for me, so I’m finally feeling a peace in my mind again where I can go out and connect with people and actually enjoy myself. I am still detoxing pretty heavy so I am tired a lot but when I slow it down I get a lot of energy back!

What is one piece of advice you'd like to share with those beginning their healing journeys?

Ask for guidance everyday from your higher power you believe in (God, universe, light, the love, whatever it is) and let go of what that looks like because it can look like ANYTHING! What serves you today may be happening to help you tomorrow or sometime in the future. So surrender to everything and step into the unknown with trust and you will be guided to what you need to teach or show you what will serve you in your healing.

Any other words of wisdom?

Trust your intuition, it is always right. Forgive yourself and everyone who hurt you, everyone is doing the best they can with what they know. Don’t take anything personally, anything anyone says or does has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Most people are trying to help and are coming from a place of love but when you’re sick that can be real annoying. Remember they don’t know how you feel so just don’t take it personally. Never make assumptions about anything ever, nothing is what is appears. Always communicate the truth. Remind yourself you’re doing the best you can and be easy on yourself and give yourself such compassion. Compassion heals. Create a vision of your health self and don’t let ANYTHING stand between you and that vision. Make the necessary sacrifices day in and day out until you get there. You’re sacrificing what you have now to get what you want in return. In every moment do what serves you in that moment that leads you to that vision of your health self. Every moment will look different and you will learn more as you go. The biggest thing of all, LET GO, surrender, and step into FAITH. YOU CAN HEAL FROM ANYTHING! Surrender. Believe. Trust. Patience.


Where can people connect with you?

I am documenting my healing journey in Instagram @cacey.scott

That’s CaCey with TWO C’s lol

I am taking on clients. I help teach people how to become their own healers with medical medium information, detox, plant based diet, supplements, mindfulness, and spirituality!

You can email at or DM me on my IG.

Wow! What an awesome healing story. Thank you Cacey for sharing with us, the power of Medical Medium information, self-care, and spiritual growth. I can’t wait to see how the rest of your healing journey goes!

Friends, I hope you’re inspired too. Lots of love, and as always…

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~