Not One Of Those Blogs

Hello dear friends!

I was wracking my brain trying to come up with a poignant and attention-grabbing way to kick of this new blog of mine…and finally came to the conclusion that the simplest way is sometimes the best way. I don’t want this to feel like an “obligatory introduction” post, but instead a way to start our conversation- after all, every interaction has to start with a greeting of sorts, right?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the blogosphere is saturated by now- millions of personal stories/ideologies/sales pitches all vying for your limited time and attention. And here’s yet another blog being thrust into digital existence, so I feel the need to justify my reasons for doing so. I owe it to you, and every reader that comes after you.

So why am I here?

First and foremost, to enlighten on the topic of chronic and invisible illness- especially those affecting young people. And the perspective of someone who is still “in the trenches” is, in my opinion, sorely needed in the online clamor of voices. This is not a blog to sell you a cure or my secret to making all your problems disappear with a green smoothie and lots of positive thinking. There are plenty of those blogs out there, as well as several amazing blogs by people who have been completely healed from their diseases or are in remission.

And while those stories can be amazing and uplifting to read, they can also be just the opposite. You may have already noticed this. The words of the bright and cheerful may fall on your deaf ears, or push you even further into the darkness. When you are grappling with a new diagnosis or have been fighting for years to maintain normalcy, sometimes reading about someone who is cured and healthy can only twist in the knife deeper. Not to say this blog won't be bright and cheerful at times- because even the chronically ill can still feel joy and hope and peace. We're still human after all. But it's different coming from someone who is walking right alongside you through the tough stuff. 

I remember combing the Internet during my first couple of years, desperately searching for people like me, and stumbling across a handful of websites, which I devoured with the unquenchable thirst of someone without answers. A couple of them were helpful, but most were either paranoid, pessimistic, or trying to sell me something. Not exactly encouraging to anyone who is terrified, depressed, or grasping for hope like I was. And even more disappointing was when the more useful blogs veered into gratingly cheery territory, making me feel even worse for the place of fear and anger I was sitting in.  

This is not one of those blogs.

No, I have not been “cured”, nor have I miraculously “overcome” my illness.

This blog is a real, honest conversation about making the best out of the cards we are dealt, owning our choices, and taking earnest steps to improve our lives. This is a journey to feel, to quote one of my favorite authors Toni Bernhard, “as well as possible.”

Over the past nearly six years of living with M.E./C.F.S. I’ve learned a lot and I continue to be enlightened each and every day. I hope by sharing my stories, advice, failures and successes, that I can provide any amount of illumination to the world. And to you, wonderful reader, if you are lost, scared, and struggling with your own health challenges, or caring for a loved one who is in pain- I hope my blog will be helpful to you. So come with me- let’s all take this journey together.

A journey to a brighter wild.