Adventures In Healing: Jessy Discovers Her Path From Panic to Peace


Hello dear friends!

I am excited to bring you another amazing healing story. Today, Jessy, of Heal Talk With Jessy, shares her incredible transformation, using the Medical Medium information. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Jessy, as well as watching her YouTube videos and following her on Instagram for some time now, and I think you’ll love connecting with her too!

Let’s dive in, and see what she has to share with us…


What symptoms, dis-eases, or diagnoses have you healed, or are currently healing?

Back in early 2017, within the span of 75 days, I came into illness experiencing over 65 symptoms. These symptoms were specifically related to my nervous system, digestive system and endocrine system. After visiting several medical practitioners in both the conventional medical system and holistic world, I was diagnosed with panic attacks, acute anxiety, chronic insomnia, acid reflux, SIBO, IBS, parasites, and PCOS. However, in addition to these symptoms/conditions, I experienced things like tingles/numbness, heart palpitations, pain after eating, brain fog, fatigue, adrenaline surges that I could feel in my body, nervous energy (like lightning) in my veins, being shocked awake when trying to sleep, head pressure, headaches, eye floaters, severe sensitivity to cold weather, thinning skin, extreme hair loss, bulging veins, edema, nerve pain, tooth pressure, burning mouth syndrome, depersonalization/derealization, regular muscle spasms/charlie horses, cold spots on my body, rapid elimination, bloody stools, severe cystic acne, and so much more!

Tell us a little bit about your health journey.

I had lived a life of high stress for quite some time. I was an over-achiever and people-pleaser for most of my life. I created a Type-A persona for survival in the environment I existed within, when deep inside of myself I was not this "type" of person at all. I was hard on myself, starving for recognition and validation, and lacking a sense of self-worth. I didn't understand that an absence of self-love, self-compassion, and self-care was taxing on the body, mind, soul and spirit. And, unfortunately, these behaviors and ways of operating through life took their toll, creating a sensitive internal environment that had become vulnerable to attack.

After suffering two close family losses within one year, in addition to having worked in a high-stress Corporate environment for over 14 years, my poor body couldn't take it anymore. And, in early 2017, I was faced with over 65 uncomfortable symptoms of illness. The first symptoms surfaced in the middle of the night, causing me to be admitted to the ER twice within 24 hrs. I was diagnosed with acute anxiety and panic attacks, given ativan to calm my nerves, and was advised to visit my family doctor if I had further concerns.

Over the next 5 months, I had EKG's, blood work, an echo-cardiogram, stress test, wore a 24 heart monitor, visited a cardiologist for the first time, saw a therapist, had a fecal test, parasite test, acupuncture, purchased a UK based Anxiety Healing Program, met with a Hormone Health Coach, conducted home enemas, tried various parasite cleanses, and even went back to meat for two months, after being a Vegetarian for 2 years, because someone told me I needed to eat meat if I wanted to heal my body. I was in a place of pure desperation. I even spent a full 7-Days/7-Nights without one wink of sleep!


In July of 2017, I began incorporating daily green juices after watching the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead documentary on Netflix and learning how juicing can replenish and nourish the body back to health. I noticed some positive results within a few weeks of juicing, and I knew that I was on the right track forward. And, after watching the documentary "What The Health" on Netflix over Labor Day Weekend of 2017, I went Vegan overnight, cutting out all dairy, eggs and meat from my diet.

After going Vegan, I noticed within a few days that I was starting to sleep better. Instead of 2-3 hours of broken sleep each night, I was able to sleep 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep a few nights per week. This was a huge improvement for me, so I knew that there was something super healing about juicing and no longer consuming animal products.

I had been researching all things healing for about 5 months at this point, learning about the importance of alkaline foods for healing, what juicing can do for the body, how the body is a self-healing vessel when it receives the right tools to do so, and so much more. I was so intrigued by our bodies natural ability to heal. However, I still had a missing link to my healing puzzle. And that was, trying to understand the link between my 65+ symptoms and their root causes. I couldn't understand how I could have all of these symptoms, but no one could tell me why?

In September of 2017, after crying out to the Universe/God for help and guidance, I was introduced to the Medical Medium Facebook Page. I started reading through blog posts and listening to radio shows, and I just knew I had finally found a missing link. I ordered the Thyroid Healing Book and read it cover to cover within 2 days. I sobbed as I was reading the book, as I knew I had finally found the answers I had been seeking. I finally had encountered the missing link: the root cause of my symptoms where mainly viral and bacterial. And, the most amazing part of learning this information is that, viral issues and bacterial issues can resolved by making some simple changes! I finally felt a sense of hope!

As of today, I have been following the Medical Medium Healing Lifestyle Principles, along with incorporating some additional healing practices surrounding Holistic Healing, Ayurveda, and Chinese Medicine. I am so grateful and excited to report that I have been able to heal 98% of my symptoms. It hasn't been an easy road, as my first 6-8 months following a healing lifestyle induced quite a large amount of detoxification. But, I held on to hope and promise, taking it one day at a time. And, I stand here today feeling more connected, peaceful, free and full of faith than ever before in this lifetime.

What books, shows, podcasts, etc...were/are helpful for you?

The Medical Medium Thyroid Healing Book was the key to the locked door for me for my physical health. I also read the rest of the Medical Medium Books, along with listening to the Medical Medium Podcast on Soundcloud.


Additionally, I also read the full 6 Book Series by Author & Channel Paul Selig (his first book is called I Am The Word). Additionally, I was inspired by YouTubers:

Who has been instrumental in your journey to health?

I know this may sound cliche, but my husband was my biggest supporter, hands down. He was the only one who truly knew what I was experiencing, as I kept the early parts of my journey very quiet. I desired to figure out my personal healing journey without the influence of others, so I didn't express my feelings to anyone else. My husband listened to me, helped calm me down when I was feeling anxious, pulled all-nighters with me when I couldn't sleep, comforted me, and also put me in check (lovingly) when I was feeling victimized or spark up a personal pity party.

What are your top 5 favorite herbs or supplements?

My favorite supplements for healing have been:

What are some of your favorite healing foods or recipes?

Great question! I absolutely love food, so experimenting with foods and recipes during this journey has been a blast! From plant-based falafel burgers to roasted vegetable marinara over red lentil noodles and even raw salad dressings, I have enjoyed creating and enjoying so many recipes. But, ultimately, my favorite healing foods have been fruit and greens smoothies! I drink at least one smoothie per day.

Here are two of my favorite healing recipes:

#1. Digestive Do-Gooder - 2 Bananas, 1 C Mango, 1 C Papaya, 1 tsp Papaya Seeds, 1 C Spinach & Water to Blend. This smoothie supports all sorts of digestive healing!

#2. Sweet Cherry Berry - 2 Bananas, 1 C Sweet Cherries, 1/2 C Raspberries, 1/2 C Strawberries, 2 Dates (pits removed) and Water to Blend. Supports Digestion, Nervous System, Sleep and is high in minerals and antioxidants! Raw Plant Foods for the win! Enjoy!

Before & After.PNG

Tell us about some of your setbacks, and how you overcame them.

The phrase "3 steps forward, 2 steps back" is quite the understatement. Sometimes, healing absolutely sucks! Its hard, it tests your willpower daily, it makes you feel weak (even though you are so stronger than you realize while healing!), it is lonely, and it can be super isolating when no one else around you seems to understand what you are going through. To be honest, there were countless times I wanted to give up. And, to be completely rawthentic and open, there were a few times where my symptoms were so bad that I kind gave the universe permission to just take me in my sleep if that was the plan for me!

Around 6 months into my healing journey, I hit a wall. Hard. My physical healing progress had seemingly halted. No matter what I did, I just couldn't seem to move forward. After spending time in prayer and meditation, and reaching out for guidance, it was revealed to me that I had been placing all of my focus on my physical healing, and I was negating to support myself in the form of mental health and emotional health. I had been obsessing over what foods I was eating (or not eating) to the extent that I was falling out of balance. I was given all of my power and authority over to the food I was eating, and allowing it to dictate my well-being without regard to my other needs. I began opening myself to the possibility that healing could be more than merely physical. That there could be an emotional and mental component to it as well that were just as (if not more) important than what I was putting in my body. Once I opened this door, I was intuitively and spiritual led to the Paul Selig Book Series to address my emotional/mental and spiritual healing needs. And, within weeks, my anxiety was 100% gone, I started sleeping better, I began to release a lot of misaligned beliefs about myself and life, I felt deep peace, and I was able to give notice at my job completely out of faith. While there were many ups, downs and healing waves, and times where you may want to give up, I challenge anyone in those moments to open yourself to the possibility that healing is more than just physical. That this is all a journey of learning and growth. That this is happening for us, and we are not a victim. Being open is the first step. Asking for help (to whatever you believe in) is the next. And having trust and faith in the journey... that's the hand that leads you through the worst of it.

What is one technique, therapy, or product that made a big difference for you?

Unguided & Guided Meditation(s). Spending time in quite personal meditation has been highly trans-formative for me. However, in the times where my mind is being a bit rebellious, I have also found that guided meditations have brought so much peace and insight.


How important is mindfulness and/or spirituality for healing? What does that look like for you?

I believe that healing is holistic - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Focusing on the spiritual, for me, consists of meditation, prayer, energy work, and, honestly, keeping an open mind while removing as many judgements as possible. I am going through, what is considered, a spiritual awakening process. To me, it’s simply a part of my healing journey. I am surrounded constantly by synchronicities in the form of numbers and manifestations. I am shown many realizations while dreaming (vivid and lucid dreams). I have interacted with spiritual guardians. I have had spiritual experiences and I am open to receiving support from spiritual guides, teachers, guardians, angels, source and light. I believe in following my intuition and that like energy attracts like energy. All of these spiritual pieces have been a part of my journey.

What does your life look like right now in terms of your health?

I am moving forward. I have healed approximately 98% of my symptoms (happy dance). My few lingering symptoms are brain fog, heart palpitations, occasional insomnia and occasional digestive disturbances. I am in a place of allowance and acceptance, knowing that as I continue on this path, all remaining symptoms will be resolved in their perfect timing. I am so grateful for all that has transpired in the past 22 months of following a high-raw plant-based healing lifestyle!

What is one piece of advice you'd like to share with those beginning their healing journeys?

You are not alone. There are so many beautiful souls embarking on their healing journey alongside of you. Keep your eyes peeled on social media, and gravitate towards the individuals who resonate with you. Work with a healing coach if you feel led to do so (like the amazing Melani Schweder). Plug yourself into a community that makes your heart feel full. Healing is possible. I often say, if I can heal, I know that you can too! Hang in there. Take it one day at a time. You can do this. Listen to your heart. Go in the direction that resonates with you. Do the best you can, and know that your best is ALWAYS enough! Know that healing takes time. Often, the first 6-8 months is the most difficult while deep detoxification is happening. Go at your own pace. Love yourself. Have compassion for yourself. Allow the experience to teach you and reveal things to you. Rest when you need to rest. Have a lazy day when you need a lazy day. And, take time to focus on you! Its ok to make yourself a priority. In fact, while healing, its necessary! I feel you. I see you. I see your strength. I see your willpower. I see you healed. And, in case no one has told you today, I love you!


Any other words of wisdom?

I'd just like to say thank you to Melani for sharing these testimonials on her blog. Healing begins with Hope! And, when we read the healing victories that others have to share, we ignite that hope within us. Big hugs and so much love to you Melani! You're a special soul, and I am beyond grateful that we have encountered each other in earth school! ♥♥♥

Where can people connect with you?

Instagram: @healtalkwithjessy
Facebook: @healtalkwithjessyfields

What an amazing Medical Medium success story! I’m so honored to be able to share your journey, Jessy!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about Jessy’s healing tips and experiences. So, until next time…

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~