My Favorite Things: Podcast Edition


Hello dear friends!

I can’t tell you how many amazing things I’ve come across while reading people’s personal blogs. Ideas for new supplements to try, new books to read, new meditations to listen to…it’s all out there! So I thought I’d start something new on the blog around here and try to share some of my favorite things that have helped me along in my own healing journey.

I’ve only just gotten into listening to podcasts in the past few months, but now I couldn’t imagine going a day without popping in my headphones and enjoying at least one! With the selection out there for free on iTunes, there’s something for everyone. Here is a little list of the podcasts that I’m currently crushing on!

1. Soul Connexions with Robert Ohotto

My aunt introduced me to this wonderful guy and his hard-hitting wisdom, and I’ve been hooked ever since. He pioneered a very intuitive and accessible form of astrology based on the idea of soul contracts, but that doesn’t even begin to describe all of his work. His podcasts cover everything you’d ever want to know about your personal challenges and the role of the Divine in your life. Some of my favorite episodes so far have talked about shame, romantic relationships, synchronicity, and finding your voice. You can check out more of his work right here on his website too!

2. Meditation Oasis with Mary Maddux

One of the first guided meditations I ever listened to was with Mary Maddux, on an app for my iPhone. But then I discovered that she had a free podcast with tons of meditations and immediately jumped on board. She has such a simple style and a soothing voice, that she became my go-to when I didn’t feel like doing any other meditation. There are dozens of great episodes, from just a few minutes to a half hour long, that deal with topics like releasing anger, pain relief, grounding down, and deep body awareness. This podcast is one of my all-time favorites when I need a quick calm down and shift in perspective.

3. Joseph Clough

The newest edition to my podcast collection is from a master coach and hypnotherapist, who’s got a lovely accent to boot. He has dozens and dozens of free sessions and a great no-nonsense style to get you out of your negative patterns and into a place of power and self-awareness. I haven’t listened to many yet, but what I have heard, I really like. There are long and short podcasts on tons of different topics like letting go of limiting beliefs, overcoming procrastination, being flexible, not playing the victim, and achieving your life goals. With the variety of episodes he offers for free, you’ll probably find at least a handful that speak to you.

When you’re trying to heal your body or heal your life, I think the more streams of positive and empowering energy you can incorporate, the better. So when you’re driving, try listening to a podcast (not the meditations though!) instead of the radio, or when you need a work break, pop in your headphones and get in the zone. Consider it another form of investment in yourself, just like eating your veggies or going to yoga class.

So what about you? Do you have a favorite podcast that you think has changed your life for the better? Share it here!

And as always…

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~