My Top 7 Paleo Snacks


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I’m not gonna lie- sticking to a paleo diet can be a challenge sometimes. Especially when you’re traveling, or have very little energy to cook. There are tons of awesome primal cookbooks out there, but it’s important to have lots of great, clean snack options to always have in your bag when you don’t have access to a kitchen! Thankfully, over the last couple of years, the market has exploded with tons of new companies and new products that cater to those of us living the primal lifestyle. And to be honest, it’s saved my butt more than once! Whether I’m on a road trip, or putting in longer hours at the computer, it’s been a huge relief to reach into my bag and have something to snack on that I know won’t derail my health.

When you’re first starting out with paleo, it can overwhelming to find foods that are easy to take with you, or foods that you can count on between meals. The old days of sugar-heavy granola bars and synthetic meal replacement shakes are out! So, what’s a person to do? It took me many months of trial and error to find a handful of reliable, high-quality snacks that I now include in my regular rotation. And I wanted to take this opportunity to share them!

So, let’s just jump right in! In no particular order, my favorite paleo snacks…

1. Wild Zora meat & veggie bars

If you want quality protein, but also want to get away from the boring old beef jerky sticks, then Wild Zora is a dream come true. This family-owned company (right here in Colorado!) creates delicious meat and veggie bars in amazing flavors, that are super easy to travel with. The texture is perfect- not too dense, not too crumbly, and there’s absolutely nothing weird in their ingredient list! The curry turkey is my personal fave, but I have tried them all and can say they’re all delicious. P.S. Their Mediterranean lamb bar is AIP approved!

I love these guys so much, I’ve teamed up with them to provide a little giveaway! Enter to win a multi-pack of their bars- at the bottom of this post! 

2. Fresh berries


I may or may not be a fruit addict, but thankfully, on a primal diet, low-sugar fruits get the green light. Berries, especially blackberries, really get me excited, and they’re much easier to travel with than you might think. Just throw them in a colander, wash thoroughly, and pop them in a tiffin or Tupperware- no need for silverware either! I’ve been known to whip out my jar of berries while driving, while working, and while attending conferences. Pay attention for when your local store puts their berries on sale, and stock up. Store them, unwashed, in the refrigerator, until you’re ready to feast. 

Travel-friendly berries include: blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, boysenberries, and huckleberries.

For those of us who need a little salty crunch in our lives, it’s hard to find much outside of the potato chip category. And while some potato chips (sweet potatoes, cooked in coconut oil) are okay in moderation, most salty, crispy snacks are a no-go in paleo land. Enter the wonders of pork rinds! I recently happened upon these little goodies, made by the awesomely clean company, Epic, and it was love at first bite. These aren’t your gross, gas-station pork rinds- these are made with the honorable “nose to tail” ethics in mind, and contain no preservatives or artificial colors or flavors. Epic pork rinds contain good protein, no carbs, and are definitely paleo/keto friendly!

4. (Certain flavors of) Larabars

Okay, a quick caveat to this one- Larabars, while containing real food ingredients and are technically paleo, should be treated as candy bars. But with that being said, these can be super convenient and affordable when you’re out and need an emergency blood sugar boost. These bars are based in foods like dates and nuts, and can pack quite a punch of carbs, but are perfect when you’re trying to wean yourself off of non-primal sweets and snacks. So, for those of us who are working with a sweet tooth, Larabars can be a nice go-between.

Look for these flavors, which are “more” paleo-approved than the others. ----->

5. Macadamia nuts


You may hear a variety of opinions about nuts from different paleo people, but according to the Primal Blueprint (my coaching expertise), there are many nuts that make wonderful snacks. Higher fat and lower carb nuts like macadamia nuts, walnuts, and pecans are awesome and can’t be any easier to take with you! Just throw some in a baggie (reusable when you can!) and go. Macadamia nuts, in particular, have a great fatty acid profile, and can keep you fuller, longer. I prefer my nuts raw, but you can also roast them with some cinnamon and vanilla extract for a sweet-tasting treat!

6. Veggie fingers


With very little prep time, and very little money, you can have a whole stash of easy-to-nosh veggies. My favorite finger food friendly mix is: celery, carrot, jicama, cucumbers, and bell pepper. Grab your ingredients at the store, take ten minutes to wash and chop them, then pop them in baggies or Tupperware containers, ready to grab and go. You can experiment with different veggies here, of course, but try to stick with ones that aren’t messy, and hold their shape easily for maximum travel potential. These are perfect companions to nut butters, guacamole, and other primal dips. And speaking of nut butters…

7. Justin’s almond butter

I admit, it took me a while to make the switch from peanut butter (peanuts are a legume, and not allowed in paleo) to other nut butters. And to be honest, there are a ton of nut butters out there that are loaded with toxic industrial seed oils, sugar, and other unnecessary add-ins, so you gotta read those labels! Plus, traveling with a jar of almond butter isn’t always convenient, which is why I was so happy to see companies coming out with little travel packs. I love having a packet of almond butter wherever I go, for a quick burst of satisfying fats and flavor.

Justin’s classic almond butter is the cleanest choice, but sometimes I do splurge and get the vanilla almond butter, or the chocolate hazelnut nut butter. Yum!

When you’re trying to stick with your clean eating strategy, it’s super important to be prepared at all times. Because we all know what happens when you’re out and about and that blood sugar starts to drop…I’ve been there! Now, I’m known as the “lady with all the good food” wherever I go, because you can put your hand in my purse or backpack, and come out with at least one of these snacks.

Stay prepped by buying in bulk, and remembering to stash some of these foods in your car or purse. Of course, eating freshly prepared meals is always the best choice, but it’s all right to cut yourself some slack…with snacks!

Alright, friends. What are some of your favorite paleo/primal snack foods? Ready, set, go!

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