Essential Oil Spotlight: Peppermint

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Hello dear friends!

I have a confession to make: I love essential oils. They have been a great addition to my healing toolkit and not only do they provide certain wellness benefits, but I can use them to make anything and everything smell good! And let’s just say, I’m a bit of a cleaning freak. No- not a clean freak. A cleaning freak. I’m the person who shops for fancy cleaning supplies online, searches for green cleaning recipes, and who has tried almost every all-purpose cleaner on the planet.

But not to get off subject, I like to spike nearly everything with essential oils (not just my cleaning goodies) and I also custom blend my own concoctions for whatever I’m needing at the moment. Side note: I now sell 9 of my custom blends on my Etsy shop, along with natural diffuser jewelry to bring a bit of beauty and good-smelling health to the world!

I decided that it might be nice to give each oil I work with it’s own proper blog post and explain some of the history, benefits, and uses so that everyone can benefit. So I wanted to kick things off with one of my all time favorites: the fresh tingling clean of peppermint!

Peppermint (aka Mentha piperita) has been cultivated for centuries and is a very easy plant to grow and hybridize. The powerful punch of peppermint oil is owed to the high menthol content, which stimulates bloodflow and opens the sinuses with a warming and tingling sensation. For this reason, it is one of the most popular medicinal oils out there and is definitely in my go-to first aid kit!

Some of peppermint’s lovely effects include:

 ·      Soothes digestion

·      Cools inflamed skin

·      Improves concentration

·      Stimulates mental sharpness

·      Freshens breath

·      Strong clean scent

And for these reasons, it can be used for:

·      Upset stomach

·      Aching muscles/joints

·      Hot or sunburned skin (but not open wounds!)

·      Waking up

·      Brain fog or mental fatigue

·      After meals

·      Tamp down cravings

·      Cleaning and deodorizing your home

Its no lie- I buy the biggest bottle of peppermint oil I can and cannot get enough of its energizing scent. It has been one of the most important oils in my battle with fatigue and nausea- just a few drops can pep me up on tough days, or settle my stomach (having constant disequilibrium can make one a bit queasy!) before I travel or after I eat.

Just a few of the ways I use my peppermint oil:

·      Rub a few drops directly onto my scalp- a special little head massage treat!

·      Put a few drops into my diffuser for times when I need extra concentration

·      Add several drops to my latest cleaning solution spray bottle

·      Flick a few drops down a stinky garbage disposal

·      Dilute it into water for a freshening linen spray

·      Drink a glass of water with one drop of oil for an upset stomach

·      Combine several drops with aloe vera gel for swollen, cranky feet and legs

·      Blend with another oil or two in a roller ball for afternoon pick me ups

·      Rub directly onto my neck and temples for bad headaches

·      Plop a few drops into my laundry detergent

·      Scatter several drops into a bubble bath or hot shower to decongest

 My scalp loves itself some peppermint oil!

My scalp loves itself some peppermint oil!

For those of us dealing with debilitating fatigue, it can be an amazing thing to invest in a bottle of peppermint oil, especially because you can use it for just about anything. Just be sure to only buy 100% pure therapeutic grade oil if you plan to use it directly on your skin or ingest it! It has been a life saver knowing I have something that is completely safe and natural that I can bust out when I’m feeling extra tired and sore or when the house stinks (thanks a lot doggies!). 

Have you tried peppermint oil for your own healing? What are your favorite ways to use it?


~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~