Adventures In Healing: Samantha Beats Eczema And Chronic Fatigue With Medical Medium Protocols


Hello dear friends!

I’m so excited to share another healing story with you this week, from Samantha. She is part of the online Medical Medium community, and I’ve had the privilege of watching her journey for a while now. She’s got a great deal of wisdom and resources to share (check out her Instagram page- it’s packed with good stuff!), so let’s dive right in.


What symptoms, dis-eases, or diagnoses have you healed, or are currently healing?

I have had many chronic illnesses over the years. The most devastating has been my eczema, chronic fatigue and heart palpitations. Over the course of 3 years I have healed much from all of these devastating conditions. Some days I feel free from all traces of my illnesses while other days there are subtle reminders there still is a journey ahead of me, but I feel equipped to continue.

Tell us a little bit about your health journey

I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue in 2008 and was experiencing heart palpitations at the same time. This all happened after the painful loss of my Dad. The doctors couldn’t find anything and gave me a lot of very expensive supplements and told me do breathing exercises and meditation. Some of them quipped, “it’s all in your mind!”, but was it? After a visit to the cardiologist, he said my heart was fine. I was so exhausted each day despite how much I slept because I had to take naps constantly. I had to stop exercising because of the palpitations. I was scared and didn’t know what to do. I even had dizzy spells and nausea. Everything I ate made me sick. No doctor found anything wrong with me. I just lived miserably for years. Suddenly, out of the blue, the eczema showed up one morning seven years ago. My husband drove me to Urgent Care. They thought I had lupus but later said it was not that. The dermatologist diagnosed me with contact dermatitis and gave me topical steroids and prednisone. She said that I was coming in contact with something that caused this such as fragrances, dye in clothing and ingredients in cosmetics. I started to avoid everything and felt like I had to live in sterile bubble. The medications eventually stopped working for me. At one point my skin flared and I became so inflamed I had to stop working because I could no longer turn my head so I had to stop driving. I felt devastated and helpless until the day my husband found the Medical Medium and I immediately employed the protocols and began to heal.


What books, shows, podcasts, etc...were/are helpful for you?

The two most helpful books are the Medical Medium original book from 2015 and the Medical Medium Liver Rescue. The first book has a fantastic 28 day cleanse I went on and am actually still thriving on it! The Liver Rescue book goes into great detail about all my symptoms and how to heal. I also got a lot of information from the Medical Medium radio show on eczema. It helped me understand the cause and gave tips on what foods to eat to help heal from it.

Who has been instrumental in your journey to health?

The Medical Medium protocols were the only things that have been able to heal me. My husband has been my main supporter in this journey. My husband has stood by my side when everyone else though I was crazy to try and heal naturally. I am also grateful for the support and help I get from the Medical Medium community. They are a great resource for inspiration and encouragement and I enjoy contributing help and inspiration to others as well.

What are your top 5 favorite herbs or supplements?

I love my celery juice! Also lemon balm, nettle leaf, olive leaf, and cats claw tinctures for healing. I also love the Medical Medium heavy metal detox smoothie because it gently helps flush out toxins from the body. The smoothie is quite delicious too!


What are some of your favorite healing foods or recipes?

The celery juice has been instrumental in my healing along with the Medical Medium Heavy Metal detox smoothie. Eating all raw fruits and vegetable has also been very healing along with cucumber juice and aloe vera water I make myself. My favorite recipe is the Medical Medium soup which is completely raw, but I add spices such as red pepper and cayenne pepper to make it feel warm. My favorite food on its own is mangos. They are sweet, satisfying and delicious.

Tell us about some of your setbacks, and how you overcame them.

During my healing I had a big skin flare because I was detoxing so quickly. I decided to do a juice cleanse for a period of time to help calm my inflammation down. I read and listened to as many juice fast professionals as I could so I knew what to do, what not to do and how to come off it which is very important when juice cleansing. I also drank more lemon water which helped flush more toxins out of the body. I started rebounding to help my Lymphatic system purge more toxins out of my body. All these things helped lessen my inflammation. I did continue to have smaller skin flares for a period of 2 years before they stopped. I felt like my healing should be continuous and that I should not be having any flares, but later I came to the conclusion that healing is not linear and that flares are a normal part of healing.

What is one technique, therapy, or product that made a big difference for you?

I would concentrate on the foods and eating the right healing foods and herbs and not eating the “no” foods as a foundation based on the Medical Medium protocols. I think the biggest difference for me has been drinking 16 to 32 ounces of celery juice every day on an empty stomach and also drinking at least 16 ounces of fresh cucumber juice every day. I noticed that by doing these three things each day my skin became much clearer and healthier and I also healed fairly quickly from my chronic fatigue symptoms and from my other chronic symptoms. It is also important to stick to the plan and be very mindful of your choices and make sure you have prepared for the day and week so you aren’t caught without the right foods, herbs or supplements.


How important is mindfulness and/or spirituality for healing? What does that look like for you?

Very important. Everything I eat and do is spiritual because all the information I follow comes from Spirit of Compassion. I also follow all the Medical Medium recommended meditations and tips for healing. One meditation I do often is look up at a bright moon and stare at it for a couple minutes. The moon is very powerful and can pull negativity away from you. I also pray to many angels that are listed in the Medical Medium books. When my eczema was it’s worst and I was in terrible pain, I would pray to my angel of Mercy to help me heal and stop my pain. Each time I did that, I was able to fall back asleep within minutes.

What does your life look like right now in terms of your health?

My health has improved tremendously!

I am able to work and drive again. I can exercise again, jog, do yoga, and rebounding. I can also fly on a plane again which I couldn't do for 6 years because of my poor health. I can also drive in a car again without becoming car sick. I also am blessed to be able to take long walks with my family again.

What is one piece of advice you'd like to share with those beginning their healing journeys?

My advice is believe you can heal. Never give up. You can heal and your body loves you. It would never attack itself. I would also say to manage your expectations of how slow or fast you will heal. Natural healing takes time, patience, and persistence.


Any other words of wisdom?

Just keep going and push through the hard times. Don't try and rush your healing because it will heal at your body's own pace. You can heal! Know your body loves you and wants to heal.

Where can people connect with you?

I can be found on Instagram @ abundanthealthplus

Wow, what an incredible journey! I’m so glad Samantha was willing to share her story with us!

Friends, healing IS possible. People are doing it across the globe. It’s never too late to begin.

All love, and of course,

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~