Why I Don't Eat Eggs


Hello dear friends!

After years and years of eating eggs, following a high-fat paleo diet, I finally made the leap to cut them out of my diet. Even though my coaching program was primally-aligned, I now am convinced that all those eggs were seriously holding back my healing.

I know that eggs seem to be a staple in much of the nutritional guidance out there (paleo or not!), but I’ve learned that those eggs may be doing more harm than good. I admit, eggs are cheap, easy, and appealing, and removing eggs hasn’t exactly been hassle-free. Thankfully, I make 99% of my own food at home. Whew. Thank you, Dad, for teaching me some kitchen skills!

So, why does a certified primal health coach not eat any eggs? The simple answer: they are allergenic, a prime food for cancer/abnormal cell growth, and they feed viruses. If any of you are familiar with Anthony William (aka Medical Medium), you’ll know that one of his main nutritional no-no’s for anyone struggling with chronic illness...is eggs. When I first read his book, I definitely blew off the egg thing. I made changes to include lots more fruits and veggies, but I still didn’t think my morning omelettes were such a big deal. Turns out, they are!

I’m not sure why it took me so long to put two and two together, given my laboratory research background. Did you know, the ideal medium for growing viruses in a lab is egg? This is how our yearly flu shots are created- they all start with incubating the influenza virus in a whole slew of eggs. What makes eggs such perfect fuel for viruses? Essentially, Mother Nature knows best, and she's put the ideal combo of proteins in place to accelerate growth. And to a virus, this means rapid replication! Once the hen’s egg is fertilized, the cells begin to replicate and grow, and viruses need host cells in order to thrive. The virus is injected into a tiny hole at the top of the egg, which are contained in a warm, light environment until the viral load is high enough to be harvested, purified, and made into a vaccine. Immunizations have been created this way for over 70 years.


With Anthony’s recommendations in the back of my mind, it wasn’t until I remembered my college virology class that they truly hit home. For someone like me, who struggles with chronic illness related to an infection with the particularly tenacious Epstein-Barr virus, eggs were seriously holding me back. The unique protein and nutrients in eggs are ideal food for my EBV, which has gotten ahold of most of my internal organs and my entire nervous system. While avoiding eggs is pretty difficult, I feel like it’s a worthwhile sacrifice, to give my body a fighting chance!

When I first started out with paleo, I was eating a TON of eggs. At the time, I had a small flock of backyard chickens who churned out more eggs than I knew what to do with! Deviled eggs, quiche, omelettes, frittatas, egg salad...you name it, I made it. Looking back, I really wish I wouldn’t have gone so hog wild on the eggs, but hey, like I always say… “only when we know better, can we do better.” So, now I know better, and I can forgive myself for the past egg-stravaganza. Nowadays, instead of an omelette for breakfast, I reach for a big fruit and veggie smoothie. Instead of eggs in a baking recipe, I use vegan egg replacers or whip up a “flax egg.” Even if you are currently in the situation were eggs are part of your daily life, don’t worry- take some baby steps. There are lots of wonderful alternatives, but be patient with yourself as you make these changes.

The more eggs you eat, the more food you’re providing for any latent (or active!) viruses in your system, along with any abnormal cells that may want to proliferate. Granted, there may be some of you who are perfectly healthy, and eggs aren’t going to affect you negatively! However, if you have strange symptoms like: unexplained fatigue, muscle or joint aches, headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, sweats or other body temp regulation problems, shakiness or weakness, and even some mental/emotional disorders...it might be time to make some dietary tweaks. Even if you don’t have a “diagnosed” egg allergy, this food may be halting your body’s natural healing processes.

From his first book, Medical Medium, Anthony says this about eggs:

“If you’re struggling with any illness, such as Lyme disease, Lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, or fibromyalgia, avoiding eggs can give your body the support it needs to get better. The biggest issue with eggs is that they’re a prime food for cancer and other cysts, fibroids, tumors, and nodules. Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), breast cancer, or other cysts or tumors, should avoid eggs altogether. Eggs also cause inflammation and allergies; feed viruses, bacteria, yeast, and mold, Candida and other fungus; and trigger edema in the lymphatic system.”

So, obviously, the issue isn’t just about viruses, but since many chronic illnesses have a viral origin, I think it’s time we start talking more about the potential downsides of eggs. For me personally, with my runaway EBV levels, I’ll do without them just fine. I used to get my EBV levels checked fairly regularly, and I had noticed a small but obvious drop since dumping eggs. Since then, I've relied less on lab testing and more on how I feel every day, and I definitely feel good!! 

Cutting out eggs certainly isn't easy, but for me, it was well worth the effort.

Have you tried eliminating eggs from your diet, friend? What are your tips and tricks??

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In the meantime…

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~