Reiki Level 1 Class
9:30am 9:30am

Reiki Level 1 Class

Reiki is easy to learn. Practiced regularly on yourself, reiki is a meditative practice that calms the mind and connects us to our inner being. Even if you have tried meditation and given up on it, you can do reiki – on yourself, on your family, or on your dog, cat or horse. Sometimes, a little bit of reiki takes a headache or physical pain away immediately. Other times, the effects are more subtle; you notice that problems don’t loom as large or you simply feel more capable of coping.

In this one-day class, you will receive four attunements, learn about the history of reiki, and practice reiki on yourself and others. I will be teaching this as a team with the wonderful Paula of Inner Balance Healing. Cost is $200. We keep our classes small, so please register early!

Get in touch to reserve your spot! We will be teaching in Windsor, at Paula's home. Please plan to bring a sack lunch and plenty of water for the day.

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