what do I stand for, as a coach?

There are probably a lot of things that come to mind when you hear the words “health coach.” But regardless of what those mental pictures look like, the truth is, all of us coaches are a little bit different.

Over the years, I’ve allowed my practice and my philosophy to evolve and change, based upon what really worked for both my clients, and myself!

The cornerstone of my coaching: The unshakable belief that YOU CAN HEAL.

Your body inherently knows how to heal, and its natural state is one of balance, vitality, and joy. My job is simply to give you some tools to activate your body’s built-in mechanisms for detoxification, circulation, resilience, calm, strength, and immunity.

So, what else do I believe in, and bring into my coaching practice?

First of all, I am a coach that is affirming to you, your experience, and your identity. I am a BODY-POSITIVE coach, and am committed to changing the language we use (especially in the health/wellness fields) surrounding food, weight loss/gain, body image, and the like. You will not hear me talk about quick ways to drop a dress size, talk about “cheat” meals, or only focus on the number on the scale. Your body is yours, and yours alone, to nourish and care for. There is no ideal body type, shape, color, size, or ability.

Secondly, the underlying theme of much of my coaching practice is EMPOWERMENT. Like my views on body positivity, I am also firmly committed to honoring and celebrating the unique needs and experiences of queer people, trans individuals, disabled folks, people of color, women, and other disadvantaged groups. I am not afraid to call myself a feminist, and I weave empowering messages into my work with all genders.


Thirdly, it’s important to know that while I have education and personal experience in many different health dogmas, I mainly coach from the wisdom of the Medical Medium, aka Anthony William, and Dr. Robert Morse. The insights and guidance in their books truly changed my life, and I believe they present the most successful, sustainable healing path for those suffering from chronic illness. These recommendations probably go against what most of us have been taught in school, or in the doctor’s office. Because of this, working with me will require some faith- in my recommendations, in yourself, and in your own higher power.

Lastly, my coaching has a strong spiritual and mindfulness component, that I believe is essential to true transformation. I will recommend things like meditation, yoga, Reiki/energy work, crystal healing, digital detox, or reflective journaling. I will help you grow your own unique spiritual beliefs and practices, and let them support the rest of the work we do together. Now, I understand this doesn’t suit everyone, and that’s okay. There are plenty of other coaches out there that happily “stick to the books,” so to speak, and I can refer you to one of them instead!

In the end, I don’t claim to be an expert, or a guru, or some magical guide who will solve all your problems. But I’ve learned a lot, researched a lot, and most importantly, experienced a lot. I know the common pitfalls that those of us with chronic illness face, and I also know that in order to truly heal, you must work on all levels- mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

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