Upcoming Events

Live Meditation Series

Each month, I host a FREE online meditation event, streamed on Instagram Live! Here are some of my upcoming sessions, so don't forget to put these on your calendar, and follow me on IG @abrighterwild!



Tapping Into The Oneness + Crown Chakra

Sunday, July 29th 10am MST



Embodying Compassion + Heart Chakra

Sunday, August 26th 10am MST



Healthy Digestion + Solar Plexus Chakra

Sunday, September 30th 10am MST


FREE Reiki Healing Sessions

Join Amie and I for a energy tune-up to welcome the energies of each New Moon. We will be channeling the soothing and healing vibration of Reiki for a half-hour, and anyone can take part in this session! 

All you need to do to join us is:

  • Find somewhere quiet and comfy to be
  • Set your intention to connect to the group, and the flow of energy
  • Open your mind and heart to receive the healing
  • That's it!

The New Moon is the perfect time to get some healing vibes. This part of the lunar cycle is our sacred invitation to get quiet, go within, and plant the seeds of what we wish to manifest in our lives. 

We're thrilled to be teaming up to offer this Reiki healing to anyone who wants to join us. Put this FREE monthly event on your calendar!


Group Classes

I offer both in-person classes and group coaching sessions for gatherings of 5+ people. This is an awesome way to get the knowledge and guidance you need, at a discounted rate! Whether you want to learn the ancient healing art of Reiki, get some hands-on meditation or self-care tips, or you want to know more about healing from chronic illness, I can arrange to teach your small group, anywhere in the Denver/Boulder region.

If you would like to bring my coaching services to your school, clinic, studio, or other small business, or you simply want to gather a group of your friends and family, I'm happy to set something up with you.

Contact me for more information!