A paleo primer

The Primal philosophy is an integrative and holistic approach, meaning that the entire individual is considered when assessing and transforming health. You may have heard the word “Paleo” thrown around a lot lately, and Primal is a whole-person application of this ancestral knowledge. However, it’s far more than just diet; to live in alignment with your innate wellbeing, you will explore every aspect of yourself- your nutrition, your sleep habits, your relationships, your exercise, your connection to your environment, your personal values and/or spiritual practice, and more. Primal Health takes into account all your complexities, and understands that everything is connected when it comes to your health and vitality. Your physical health is only the beginning; your emotional, mental, and spiritual health matter too!

Primal or Paleo-based programs emphasize a way of life that is courageously counter to most conventional wisdom. Going Primal means letting go of the unhealthy habits that our modern culture encourages, choosing real, unprocessed foods rather than factory-produced industrial products, emphasizing enjoyable, natural movement instead of the drudgery of chronic cardio and exhausting workouts, spending more time outdoors and less time inside under artificial lighting, connecting with people and passions rather than our digital gadgets, and so much more. The Primal way of life feels natural, energizing, optimistic, and meaningful.

My coaching certification comes from the Primal Blueprint program, and I chose this one specifically because it takes such care to address the whole person, not just bits and pieces, and places a healthy emphasis on joy and overall life satisfaction.


In this program, we consider these things to be integral to vitality and wellbeing:

  • Eating lots of plants, some animals, and plenty of fats
  • Avoiding poisonous things- processed foods, added chemicals, etc...in food, cosmetics, and household products
  • Getting plenty of restful sleep and sensible sun exposure
  • Playing often and spontaneously, being creative, using our brains
  • Moving frequently at a slow pace, short bursts of high-intensity activity, lots of rest in between

I do paleo a little differently

You may see my credentials or hear the world "primal/paleo" and automatically have certain things come to mind. However, I'm probably not what you think! My coaching philosophy is cornered in modern primal living, but it includes a lot more aspects than the conventional paradigm. Unlike a lot of primal health coaches, I also like to incorporate aspects from other diets and lifestyles. I don't do Crossfit, or much structured exercise at all, actually. I eat very little meat, and most of my meals are vegan! I'm a big believer in the primal philosophy, but also base a lot of my coaching around:

  • Eliminating allergenic, virus-feeding, and hard-to-digest foods like eggs, nuts, soy, canola oil, pork, and dairy
  • Fresh, raw vegetables and fruits- yes, fruits!! No fructose fear here.
  • Vegan meal bases and clean plant protein sources
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Conscious, intentional movement that focuses more on connecting with your body, rather than physical results
  • Living lightly on the earth, reducing trash/waste, supporting small businesses, promoting positive social change, connecting with Mother Nature and the cycles of life
  • The importance of self-esteem, relationships, and overall life satisfaction

The Primal philosophy changed my life for the better, and I believe it can do the same for you.

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