Your DIY guide on how to keep your chakras healthy!

Get grounded. Feel balanced. Embody your power.


In this book, Self-Care & The Chakras, you will learn tips and techniques that I use, as a coach and Reiki Master/Teacher, to work with the energy body.

I share my secrets on what each chakra means, tools to balance each chakra, and self-inquiry practices to take you to a deeper level.


With the guidance in this book, you can finally enjoy:

  • An intuitive understanding of how your energy body works

  • A sense of confidence in your spiritual self-care

  • Knowing the tools you need to balance your chakras- anytime, anywhere

  • Reflective exercises to get you clear and grounded again

  • The benefits of applying chakra wisdom to your relationships and career

Maybe you’re feeling stuck, struggling with nagging symptoms that aren't alleviated with traditional methods. Perhaps you feel disconnected from your true, vibrant nature, and aren't sure how to find your way back. Or maybe you just feel “off,” despite changing your diet, supplements, or sleep routine.

Regardless of what you’re struggling with, working with the chakra system is a wonderful complement to any other type of therapy or treatment. I know the power of this approach, because I’ve experienced it myself.

It wasn’t until 4 years into my healing journey with Lyme Disease and ME/CFS, that I opened myself up to the possibilities in alternative and spiritual medicine. After experiencing the profound art that is Reiki, and learning about the chakra system, I knew I had stumbled upon something great. Since then, I have incorporated chakra self-care into my regular routine, and it has given me the deep insights and self-confidence I need to transform my life for the better.


“This has become my go-to workbook, whenever I feel off kilter! At first, it all seemed too simple, but after actually trying some of the tools and techniques, I’m a believer. Chakra self-care really can make a difference in your life.” - Jen W.



Do any of these sound familiar? Self-Care & The Chakras is for you!

  • You lack a sense of security in your home and finances

  • You seem to sabotage every relationship that comes your way

  • You can’t find your inner motivation or zest for life anymore

  • You feel cut off from the world, trapped in your own little bubble

  • You have a hard time speaking your truth

  • You can’t seem to access your intuition or inner voice of guidance

  • You are lacking a spiritual practice and sense of oneness

take your personal practice to the next level

This workbook is filled with information about the chakra system and the individual meanings of each of the 7 chakras, but the fun doesn’t stop there! 

Included are questions for reflection, journaling prompts, affirmations, and DIY exercises!


For each chakra, you’ll learn the associated:

  • Colors

  • Elements

  • Essential oils

  • Crystals and stones

  • Foods

  • Herbs and spices

  • Vibrational frequencies and sounds

  • Yoga poses

  • Anatomy and physical organs

  • Emotional makeup

  • Much more!


“That chakra clearing exercise has totally saved my life! I’ve done it several times already, and can feel a huge difference in my energy, clarity, and self-esteem. This technique alone is worth the price of the whole book!” -Sarah P.


This 43-page guide will be your handy chakra healing companion.

Are you ready to say yes to your chakra healing adventure? Snag your copy below!


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