intuitive readings to fine-tune your healing path

Everything is energy. And this energy always has something to teach us.

When I finally opened myself up to these messages, I saw tremendous progress in my own healing, and now I’m thrilled to offer this special service to you!

So, what is an energy reading?

Simply put, it’s a noninvasive way to get a “snapshot” of your energy body aka your chakras, as well as receive messages from the Divine. During a reading, I will scan your chakras and tell you what I see, and we will also ask for insight from your angels, ancestors, and other guides. This usually takes the form of tarot or other oracle cards, or channeled messages.


An energy reading is great to quickly identify:

  • Blocked or imbalanced chakras

  • Energy cords

  • Stuck energy/past traumas

  • Current dynamics in your relationships, career, or health

  • Your current spirit animals and guides

Unlike Reiki, energy readings are mostly focused on receiving information for you, and giving direction and insight. While you can receive these insights during a normal Reiki session, these readings are short and tailored for this purpose! Also unlike Reiki, it’s a good idea to approach a reading with a specific question or intention in mind.

Energy readings can help you tap into your own intuition, have new direction for your healing efforts, and most importantly, feel validated and supported by the Divine!

Readings are conducted over the phone or Zoom audio call, and are open to anyone in the world with a good internet connection.

30 minute reading: $50

Includes a FREE copy of my workbook- Self-Care & The Chakras!

Schedule your session below, or reach out and contact me.