Harness the Universal energy for deep and profound healing

Reiki can help support your body and spirit during any life transition or healing adventure.

We are all made of energy, and the world around us is made of energy too. Our bodies are finely tuned electromagnetic instruments, picking up and absorbing frequencies that we may not even be aware of. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient healing technique that focuses on channeling these positive vibrations, to bring about calm, relaxation, balance, and wellbeing. Anyone can be trained to be a Reiki practitioner, and it can be practiced just as effectively in person or over a long distance. 

Reiki is a safe, non-invasive technique that has been practiced since the dawn of time. Many sacred texts mention Reiki as a "laying on of hands", but it's important to know that Reiki is not a religion. Anyone can take advantage of this universal healing energy to support their body, reduce stress, and nourish their nervous system. And if you want the scientific stuff, check out this great blog post, which explains Reiki in a non-woo-woo way!


As for me, I like to think of it in Star Wars terms: As a Jedi, I use The Force to encourage people to discover and live their truth, boost their vitality, and use their energy for good. I have completed my Reiki Master/Teacher training, which allows me to work on the highest level of this energy technique, as well as offer classes. If you are interested in learning Reiki, please get in touch with me directly!

I practice a multi-faceted, hands-on energy healing technique, drawing inspiration from many different lineages and traditions. I tailor each session to you, and can incorporate things like crystals, aromatherapy, and Shamanic journeying. I also have training in techniques like energetic cord cutting, chakra clearing, meditation and visualization guidance, trauma release, and spiritual empowerment.

Want to know more about what to expect during Reiki? Check out this post right here!

Or, if you’re curious specifically about how distance healing works, I wrote this blog for you!

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I Currently offer distance healing sessions only

Distance Reiki sessions are great for those currently experiencing health issues, or any busy person, really! With distance work, you can receive healing from anyone, anywhere in the world, without leaving your comfy bed or couch. Clients outside the United States must have either Zoom or WhatsApp, and good internet access for sessions.


Distance sessions:

30 minutes: $45    60 minutes: $80

Package discounts:

3-pack of 30-min: $120      3-pack of 60-min: $200

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