How Distance Healing Works


Hello dear friends!

I don’t know if you heard the news yet, but I’ve decided to try something new. I now offer two distance Reiki healing sessions each month on a love donation basis! The lottery for February has already been drawn, but stay tuned on my Instagram page if you’d like to enter the lottery in the future.

Why have I started doing this?

Because, I believe so strongly in this healing energy, and I believe that it should be accessible to everyone. It’s just one small thing I can do, to bring Reiki to more people. And as I share more about distance Reiki healing, I notice that more questions and confusion come up. Healing? With energy? Not done in person?? How the heck does that work?

Trust me, I was right there with ya, only a few years ago. It does seem pretty “out there” at first, but hopefully this blog will help clear up how exactly this ancient healing technique works.

So, if you’re curious about distance healing, or have been hesitating to try it, let’s dig in and talk about some of the magic!

The energy body

First up, Reiki works on multiple levels of being, only one of which is physical! Reiki works on the energy body- this is your own personal “field” that surrounds you, enlivens your cells, and gives you life force. And this can be accessed from anywhere, because everything is energy and all energy is connected into a giant network...sometimes called the quantum field, or the unified field. Keep reading for more on this fascinating science.

The Quantum field

One thing that scientists have been able to demonstrate is that time is not linear, and space is not contained to what we think it is. The same particle of matter (and matter, by the way, is not solid, but merely waves of energy in a certain configuration) can be seen in literally two different places at once. Plus, there is something called quantum entanglement, which shows that the states of two different objects have an effect on each other, no matter how far away they are. Like, I my cells and my energy can be affected by yours, and vice versa!

Quantum physics is so complex and interesting, and I certainly don’t have the expertise to dive into it here, but just know that all of us are pure energy with different vibrations, and that we are connected to one giant “field of potentiality.” And Reiki energy flows through this field.


Fluid Time

A healing technique that I often use during Reiki is called the “time travel trauma release,” and this is exactly what it sounds like. When I was in my Reiki II training, I was blown away by the fact that we can send energy anywhere in time- forwards and backwards. So, we can heal things from your past, as well as send healing energy to your future selves (by the way, your future self already exists...another tidbit from quantum physics!). Time is not linear, but instead is fluid. This is important to know when doing distance work, because we can tap into each other, as well as manifestations of past and future. Pretty rad, don’t ya think?

Reducing the static

I used to think that distance Reiki healing was just a watered down version of in-person Reiki. Boy, was I wrong! I’ve found that my insights are even sharper when I work from a distance. My theory on this, and some of my other Reiki peeps have agreed, is that there is much less energetic information to wade through, when you work at a distance. When you think of all the energy around us as frequencies on a radio, the fewer of those frequencies in a session, the clearer signal you can get.

Yes, in-person Reiki is powerful, but we’re also human, and all the visual stimuli and interpersonal energy can be distracting at times. When you don’t have to think about looking right or doing anything right, you remove the self-consciousness, and you can be fully present for the experience.

What do you need to do?

The most important thing, and the only thing really, that you need to do is set the intention to receive the Reiki healing. I cannot force Reiki on anyone, so you must give your energetic consent to receive it. That’s all it takes! However, I do also recommend carving out some time when and where you won’t be disturbed, to best feel into the session and get the most out of it.

What is a session like?

Everyone’s experience is really different with distance healing, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much.


Personally, I prefer to stay on the phone with clients during the session. All healers have their own preferences, but I find that this connection allows us to go deeper, because we can dialogue through the session. As insights come up, I can share them, and you can also share what you’re feeling and noticing on your end. And having open communication is key if I lead you through things like energy cord removal, trauma release, or other healing techniques.

I always begin by tapping into your energy field and waiting for a “yes!” signal, showing me that you are giving consent for this healing. Then I usually scan through the chakras and identify a few places we could work on. Unless you have specific areas you’d like to focus on, then we’ll spend most of our time there!

I am really into collaboration as a Reiki healer, so I love when people ask questions or comment on what they’re seeing/feeling/sensing. I’ve had some seriously profound sessions with clients who have released walls around their hearts, removed cords to abusive parents, reconnected with their sexual power, and so many other incredible things.

Final words

If you want to schedule your first distance Reiki healing session, I’m here to help! It might seem a bit weird at first, but everyone says that Reiki, whether in person or over distance, is so calming, relaxing, and empowering. I’m here to make you feel totally comfortable, and remember, you are always 100% in charge of the session. If you want to learn more about Reiki in general (this blog is distance healing specific), I recommend you check out this post.

When you want to go deeper, or have a lot of things you feel could use a little lovin’, I do recommend starting with a full hour session. If you just want a little tune-up, the 30-minute session should be just fine.

Alright, my friends, what do you think? Would you ever try distance healing?

I want to offer a very special coupon for you guys, so you can experience this amazing energy for yourself!

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It would make me SO happy to get to work with you. I’m ready when you are.

And as always…

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~