New Moon In Aquarius: Insights & Practice

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Image taken from Here

Hello dear friends!

Inspired by my own explorations into the moon phases, as well as some astrological insights, I absolutely love posting these pieces for the new moon of each month. You probably already know that Amie and I team up each month for a free new moon reiki healing event, and I try to post the corresponding blog before each one! I think for anyone, whether you attend our event or not, understanding the subtle energies at play each moon cycle can help us tap into more wisdom and healing on a personal level

Every month, I post a special blog about the new moon in each of the twelve signs. I'll attempt to give a brief overview of the dynamics in motion, and offer an invitation for a personal practice, for you to tune into the specific vibration of that new moon's zodiac sign.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into this new moon in Aquarius!

Our moon makes her transition through the darkness once every month, bringing with her an invitation for us to go within and reflect. Each part of the moon’s cycle is a new opportunity for us to grow, and additionally, the zodiac sign that each moon exists in adds another layer of complexity and energy.

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New moons are always the time to rest, to recover, and to recharge, laying plans for the upcoming lunar cycle. However, if you haven’t already explored each month’s sign themes, now is the time to expand into this elevated awareness. Our upcoming new moon, in the sign of Aquarius, is the perfect time to tap into your independent spirit, heart full of ideas for the greater good.

Aquarius, despite being known as the “water-bearer,” is actually an air sign, bringing an intellectual and globally-minded point of view. The water is a representation of the life-giving nourishment that the Aquarius energy can provide, bringing relationships (and thus, emotions) to the forefront of the plan to enact overall change. Associated with the color light blue, the 11th astrological house of groups and visions, and ruled by the notoriously-rebellious planet of Uranus, Aquarius can really stir the pot, for better or for worse!

Sometimes, people have a hard time connecting with the energy of Aquarius, because it can be aloof, distant, and too consumed with the ultra-big picture to be fully grounded and present. Aquarius energy hates feeling limited or constrained in any way, and this new moon is your chance to notice where in your life you may feel caged in. You have some of this sign within you, regardless of when you were born, and during Aquarius season (Jan 20- Feb 18), you may be especially touchy and in need of personal space. The fierce autonomy, compassionate nature, and visionary gifts of Aquarius can bring wonderful things into your life.

For some people, especially those with a lot of Aquarius in their birth charts, this time of the year and this new moon in particular, may signal the beginning of a revolution. (Anyone else have the song in their heads right now..."it's the dawning of the age of Aquarius?") This energy can be swift and fickle, much like a flash flood, and although it’s usually buoyed by humanitarian values, that doesn’t mean it can’t cause a mess. Be mindful of who or what you may be knocking over, in order to reach your perceived goals. The Aquarius dynamic can be vibrant, persuasive, and mobilizing, so use these skills to gather support for something you care about, without dismantling everything in your path!

Aquarius season may be uncomfortable for some, as this sign touches on our independent streak, and need for unfettered freedom. Pay special attention, during this new moon, to anything that makes you feel trapped or chained down, including your relationships, career, family obligations, or other routines that you’ve adopted in the name of tradition. Your inner Aquarius wants to go her own way, and now is the time to allow her to. This season paves the way for your progressive thinking, brilliant ideas, and undying optimism to take center stage.


Your invitation for the new moon in Aquarius:

This month’s practice will help you tap back into your visionary self, your passion, and your contribution to your community.

You will need: a candle in a light blue color, a journal and pen (or just a computer), and a quiet place to contemplate.

Begin by sitting comfortably; light your candle and close your eyes. Bring both of your hands over your heart and feel the energy of your heart chakra. See a tiny pinprick of bright golden light at the center of your heart, and watch as it slowly expands, spreading this light throughout your entire body. Next, send this light outside of your body to fill your room, your home, your city, your state, your country...until it engulfs the whole world. Contemplate this expansive, open-hearted vibration for a few moments.

Lastly, choose one cause or charity that really speaks to you, and do something to contribute. Sign up to volunteer, donate money or items they need, and/or spread the word on your social media.

So friends, does any of this resonate with you right now? What will you be working on, during this Aquarius new moon?

Much love, as always...

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~