What Are Soul Contracts?


Hello dear friends!

Rewind about 5 years, to the look of bewilderment on my face, after just hearing about a concept called “soul contracts.” At first, I had a hard time wrapping my (admittedly inflexible) human brain around this idea, but now it’s become an integral part of my worldview, my spiritual beliefs, and even my work with clients.

Soul contracts, also called soul agreements, or pre-birth life planning (that’s a mouthful, I know), are based upon the truth that we are spiritual beings, having an earthly experience. We came down to this planet to do a great many things, and to further our soul’s growth. And much of our lessons have to do with other people and beings that we interact with while we’re here.

Earth School, as I call this place, is ripe with lessons. Everyone we meet is either our teacher or our student, and sometimes both. Many spiritual teachers believe that we create contracts with other souls, before we come down to Earth (or any other plane of reality, in theory), based on what we wish to learn and experience. Earth is a particularly dense place, and filled with incredible challenges, so it’s thought to be one of the “hardest schools to get into.” Only the most advanced or ambitious souls come here. So, pat yourself on the back. Ha!

Lovers and partners


If you have already heard of soul contracts, you’ve likely heard of them in context of romantic partnerships. Indeed, romantic or sexual relationships are a huge focus of these types of agreements, often because they are some of the most intimate and long-lasting relationships we form here. This is some of the idea behind the notions of “twin flames” or “soul mates,” which some of us experience. These are some of the most in-depth and powerful soul agreements, because of the depth of energy exchanged.

Although people tend to be most interested in their contracts with partners, at least in my perspective, we can have soul contracts with anyone we interact with! And the platonic ones can be just as, or even more profound and life-changing!

Soul family

Maybe you have people in your life you consider your “soul family.” From a universal, spiritual perspective, our soul family is the group that we tend to incarnate with repeatedly. You can think of a group of souls, hanging out, planning out their next physical manifestations, and deciding to go together. Like a tour group. Maybe we get a group discount for Earth School?

Our true soul family are the ones we often have the biggest contracts with. These people, over many lifetimes, tend to play the roles of our partners, parents, children, and other important individuals...even our beloved pets!

Sometimes, when you have the uncanny feeling that you’ve known someone your whole life, even though you’ve just “met,” this may indicate that they’re in your soul family. Or, even if you never meet them, your soul family members are all connected, forming a network that inevitably lifts up, heals, or evolves all members of the group. If you’ve ever watched the show, Sense8, it’s kind of like this!

Process of remembering

One of the hardest parts of coming to Earth School, is that our memories are wiped (or more likely, locked away in the depths of our subconscious) when we’re born. Thus, the whole underlying theme of this human experience is REMEMBERING. Remembering who we are. Remembering our spiritual truth. And of course, remembering the soul contracts that we signed before arriving.

Some people claim to be able to read soul agreements. I personally don’t seem to have that gift, although I get glimpses of these contracts whenever I do Reiki or other energy work with someone.


Contracts vs karma

There is some overlap between the idea of a soul contract and a karmic bond, but the essence is a little bit different. To me, soul contracts are a bit more loose and playful, when two souls decide to try out something new! These contracts are signed because we freely choose to hang out together, and experience different roles in each others’ lives.

On the other hand, karmic bonds are more urgent and a bit stricter. Karmic bonds form according to Universal law, bringing people together to fulfill obligations, repay favors, repay debts, or make amends for past choices. In my experience, karmic bonds can be very short-lived, unlike soul contracts which can play out over many years.

For example, people involved in a car accident may be tied karmically, but not necessarily have a soul contract. And flip side, a committed partner of ten years may not involve any karmic bonds at all.

Contract legalese

I know the word “contract” can be a bit intimidating, (maybe this is why some people call them agreements? I dunno) but for me, because I also do some legal writing, I know that there is always wiggle room in contracts. There can be clauses and addendums, to allow for human free will, and when circumstances change. You can sometimes “get out” of a contract. Roles and goals can be altered too. Our spirit selves are always working behind the scenes, and tweaking soul contracts is something they do! According to some spiritual traditions, we may meet with other people in the dreamworld, to renegotiate our contracts. Pretty cool, I think!

There is a lot to explore when it comes to soul contracts, but the bottom line is: most things that you experience in this lifetime (maybe even everything) are outlined in your soul contracts. You are here in Earth School to learn, to grow, and to evolve. And yes, sometimes that’s hella painful. And sometimes it’s positively breathtaking. The major players in your life all signed agreements with you before coming here.

To me, this offers a perspective that allows me to breathe and relax. It allows me to have more compassion for those in my life, and for myself. It allows me to accept things that happen with an attitude of curiosity. And ultimately, it allows me to forgive easier. And that’s priceless.

So, friends. Had you heard of soul contracts? Have any of you had yours read or accessed? I wanna know in the comments!

And as always…

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~