7 Reasons To Sleep Naked


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Sleeping naked. A thing that feels so natural and comfortable for many of us, but so foreign and weird for others. A topic that divides households! Okay, maybe not quite that dramatic…but it can cause some awkward encounters if not planned for.

“What?” you say, “why wouldn’t I wear pajamas?” First of all, I will say, if you are part of the million-dollar pajama industry, and love to pass out pro-pajama propaganda (say that five times fast!), this may not be the place for you. Things might get a little…radical around here.

I will admit that I was a bit of a latecomer to the no-pants sleep party, and I was all about those jammies through my childhood and teen years. It wasn’t until I met my ex-wife that I realized that some people slept in the nude (gasp!), and that hey, they weren’t all weirdos. I was so accustomed to having a death trap of fabric swaddled around my limbs every night, that I had a hard time sleeping at first. But it only took about three nights of bare-skinned bliss, before I came to adore this new way of slumber.

Now, besides the obvious personal preference thing, there are actually many benefits to sleeping in the buff. Of course, initially I didn’t really consider these much, because it just felt so damn good to be naked under my big, fluffy comforter. But hey, for those of you who like to see some real data before you change your routines (understandable!), I will give you seven awesome reasons why you may want to strip down before bed. So, in no particular order, I give you my seven benefits to sleeping in the nude:

1. Air it out

Okay, friends, here’s the cold hard truth. Our bodies are not meant to be covered up all the time. Our skin is designed to breathe, and our bods thrive when there is fresh air around. Being naked lowers your risk of skin conditions, fungal overgrowth like athlete’s foot and jock itch, and reduces skin irritation from pajama-induced friction. Granted, these benefits apply to any kind of nude time, but if you’re not ready to prance around your house aú natural, just start with bedtime.

2. Lower your cortisol

One of the most potent stress hormones we have is cortisol, and this is affected by body temperature and circadian rhythms. Sleeping in the nude can help your body regulate its temperature and stay within a healthy sleep range (lower than your daytime temp), telling your system to cut back on the cortisol. Over time, this can help reduce chronic stress, weight gain, and mild anxiety issues.

3. Boost your melatonin

Another temperature and light-sensitive hormone in our bodies is melatonin, and sleeping nude can actually boost the natural release of melatonin from the brain. This, along with reducing your nighttime blue light exposure, can lead to an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep, and provide a deeper and more relaxing night.

4. Protect your precious jewels

Dudes, you probably already know that, in order to maintain sperm health and potency, your testes need to be kept cool, so why contain them with restrictive undies at night? And ladies, let’s talk about yeast infections for a sec- yeast loves anywhere that is warm and moist, and when you sleep in clothes, that’s the ideal place for the itching and burning to begin. Do yourselves a favor, and let your bits breathe! Also, for all genders, it’s important to stay away from synthetic fabrics, and go for breathable, organic cotton, bamboo, or hemp when picking out underwear.

5. Boost your oxytocin

If you happen to share your bed with a partner, you may find that sleeping nude can make you feel more intimate, more connected, and more in love. This is thanks to a little hormone called oxytocin, aka the “bonding hormone,” which is released by skin-to-skin contact. You won’t get the same rush when you’re both wrapped up in pajamas, so strip down and do some pre and post-sleep cuddling tonight. Plus, if you get a case of the cuddle sweats, you’ll be able to cool down faster when you’re nude.

6. Enhance the flow

Even the softest, loosest pajamas can end up wound around your waist, legs, ankles, and arms at various points in the night, and this can restrict the free flow of blood and lymph in your body. Keep your circulation strong and your lymphatic system unencumbered, so your body can do its nightly job of “cleaning house,” as your metabolic byproducts are processed and flushed out. Over time, sleeping naked can lead to improved immunity, healthier extremities, and better wound healing.

7. Keep it simple

For anyone who is yearning for a more simple and minimalist life, paring down on unnecessary things is golden. When you learn to sleep naked, you can save money on all those fancy pajamas, free up some room in your dresser drawers, and save time taking PJs on and off every day. It may not sound like much, but these little tweaks in your routine can help you feel a little bit happier and less rushed, and help you get back in touch with your natural state of awesomeness. And for an added bonus, research shows that people who spend more time naked tend to have better body awareness and body acceptance. Hooray!

So friends, what do you think? Are you ready to ditch those cartoon-patterned pajamas and slip into something more comfortable (wink, wink)? Have you already been sleeping aú natural for some time and couldn’t imagine going back to the world of nighttime clothes? Tell me in the comments!

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For tonight’s sleep, and every night in the future…

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