What Is Yoni Steaming And Why Should You Try It?


Hello dear friends!

I’m so excited to share with you, one of my favorite sacred self-care practices...the yoni steam! You may be saying to yourself, “the WHAT?” and I hear ya. When I first caught wind of this practice, I was a little taken aback. “You want me to do what, and put it where?!” But now that I’ve done yoni steaming several times, and studied it from both an herbalist’s and energy healer’s perspective, I can say I’m 110% on board.

So, let’s start with the basics. What the heck is a yoni? Many of us, especially in the Western world, aren’t familiar with this term. Essentially, the word “yoni” is an ancient Sanskrit word for the female reproductive organs, more specifically the vagina and vulva. It loosely translates to “source of all life,” or “sacred space,” and is the preferred term for these body parts in the Hindu, Taoist, and Tantric traditions. Using the word “yoni” invites us into a more tender and loving relationship with our feminine parts, and helps us see their beautiful and sacred power. (or maybe that’s just me? Personally, I could wax poetic about the female anatomy all day…)

Yoni steaming, also known as “vaginal steaming” or simply “V-steaming,” is a healing technique for the feminine, both on a physical and emotional/spiritual level. Think of a fancy herbal steam facial, but for your lady bits! This has been used by many generations of women and healers across the globe, and has a variety of potential health benefits. Some beneficial things that yoni steaming has been said to do include:

  • Regulate the menstrual cycle

  • Reduce cramps and excessive bleeding

  • Speed tissue healing after childbirth

  • Boost fertility

  • Aid in healing hemorrhoids, scars, and irritation

  • Balance vaginal pH and flora

  • Reduce symptoms of menopause, including vaginal dryness

  • Detoxify the womb

  • Release stored emotions from the reproductive system/sacral chakra

  • Tap into the energy of the Divine Feminine

Many women have found tremendous benefit from adding yoni steaming to their self-care rituals. This technique allows the warm steam, combined with the medicinal properties of the herbs used, to permeate the pelvic floor, including the vulva, perineum, and anus. A yoni steam is a safe, gentle way to introduce herbal medicine to this very sensitive part of the body!


Why detox your yoni?

Just like many other organ systems, the uterus is designed to clean itself. The monthly cycle is supposed to shed the lining, giving us a fresh start each time. However, since we live in a very toxic world, many of our self-regulating systems are struggling (liver, kidneys, and lymphatics too!), and we need to provide herbal support for better cleansing. Oftentimes, the menstrual cycle isn’t able to fully flush out the old cellular waste completely, along with anything else that may have been introduced into this area, like lube, residue from toys, semen, etc...So, a warm, gentle steam can support better blood flow and encourage deeper detoxification.

Yoni steaming is a simple, effective practice that anyone can enjoy at home. I love to make an evening ritual of it, with some chill music, incense, and either meditation or journaling. Remember that yes, V-steaming is a physical cleansing technique, but is also a powerful emotional and spiritual practice too! In my Reiki and intuitive reading sessions, I often see stuck trauma and other energy in the sacral region, and I can say that, as a generation, we’ve got a lot of healing to do in this area. And yoni steams are one of the tools we can use for that.

While this practice is wonderful in many ways, I must share a few cautions. It’s best to NOT do a yoni steam if you are pregnant or are currently menstruating. And of course, use caution with open wounds or recent surgeries. It’s usually best to wait a few weeks after childbirth, before you begin your yoni steam healing process.

Herbs in my yoni steam

As I formulated this blend, I wanted to include herbs that would offer benefits to the greatest number of female-bodied folk. I included many of my personal favorites, and plant medicines that have traditionally been used in yoni steaming.

Here’s what I have in my blend:

  • Rose buds and petals- soothing to tissues, promotes self-love and emotional healing

  • Yarrow- superb for tissue and wound-healing

  • Calendula- calms inflammation and brings energetic brightness

  • Mugwort- relaxes the nervous system, promotes spiritual awakening

  • Rosemary- increases circulation and promotes detoxification

  • Damiana- boosts fertility, libido, and mood

  • Lavender- calming on all levels


How to do a yoni steam

1. Prepare your space.

While you can buy an extensive yoni steam seat/stool setup, most of us just use our toilet bowl. Drain the water, and place a nontoxic bowl or container in the toilet bowl- you can wrap it with a towel to stabilize it.

2. Prepare your herbs

Put one cup of your herbs into the bowl. Boil distilled water and pour over the herbs, letting steep for a while, until the steam is not too hot (we don’t want you burning yourself!).

3. Settle in

Get comfortable, positioning yourself above the steaming herbs (either on toilet or steaming seat/stool). Wrap your lower half in a blanket or towel, so the steam does not escape. Bathe your yoni in this healing steam for 10-30 minutes, and allow the herbs to work their magic.

I recommend making this into a sacred ritual, as opposed to something to quickly cross off your to-do list. Take your time. Light some candles or incense. Turn on some good music. Maybe grab a good book, or do a guided meditation while you steam. This is dedicated, healing, self-care time for you! Depending on your cycle, you can do this on the full or new moon, to make it extra special. Otherwise, I recommend doing a yoni steam at least once per month, a few days after you finish menstruating.

So, friend, does this sound like something you’d love to try? Have you already tried it? Tell me your experiences!

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Go show your yoni some love this week. And as always,

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~