New Moon In Scorpio: Insights & Practice

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Hello dear friends!

Alas, we’ve come upon another new moon- our invitation to go within. And this month is a particularly potent one, in the sign of Scorpio. Deep transformation is afoot!

Before we dig into the dynamics of this new moon phase, you may want to brush up on all the moon phases and their general themes.

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The themes of darkness, quiet, and rest prevail during the new moon phase each month. This is our sacred opportunity to recalibrate our systems and make decisions about how we wish to move forward. Because of this energy, the new moon is a great time to invest in your personal spiritual practices, and to look for sources of insight and guidance. Working with not only the lunar wisdom, but also the wisdom of the zodiac can lead to even deeper awakening and empowerment. This coming new moon, in the sign of Scorpio, is a time to reflect on your power and passion, as well as honor the cycles of life and death.


There is no zodiac sign as deeply tied to the underworld as Scorpio, and this lends to its air of mystery and sexiness. Darkness, death, and raw power are some aspects of Scorpio energy, and this sign’s season (Oct 23 - Nov 21) can reveal truths that we may or may not be ready to face. Scorpio is a water sign, riding on the waves of passion and deep emotion. This sign is also associated with the color black, the planet of Pluto, and the 8th astrological house of intimacy. Regardless of when you were born, you have some Scorpio energy within you, and you may notice it rising up during this time of the year.

Scorpio, as you may guess, is symbolized by the scorpion. This often misunderstood creature can lash out and sting when provoked, but also is comfortable existing in a deep, dark, and emotional world. Like all of the zodiac signs, there are benefits and warnings to the Scorpio sign. On one hand, this energy is passionate, brave, resourceful, and magnetic, willing to dig for the truth. On the other hand, this energy can be very intense, secretive, jealous, and even violent. The vibration of Scorpio can be alluring, but dangerous, and this new moon is your chance to embody the balanced dynamics of this complex zodiac sign.

The concept of death and rebirth is often feared in today’s culture, but needlessly so. Scorpio energy can guide us to understand and accept the sacred cycles of life and death, of light and shadow, of yin and yang. In order for something new to be born, something must die, and this balance is one thing that Scorpio defends ruthlessly. Because this is a water sign, it is subject to sudden fluctuations in emotion, passion, and expression. However, in this never-ending flow, there can be opportunities to dive deep under the surface, to reveal new wisdom. Scorpio’s dedication to finding the truth can be enlightening, but it can also create enemies. This new moon, reflect on times in your life when you spoke the truth. How did people react? And more importantly, how did you react to their reactions?

Scorpion season can be intense for some, but this also calls upon our inner leadership qualities, our passion and drive, and our resilience even in the face of challenges. We can glean some guidance from Scorpio, learning to keep going even when life tries to drown us. Scorpions may stick to the shadows for the most part, but you can always count on them to fight with tenacity and love with ferocity.


Your invitation for the new moon in Scorpio

To connect to the depth and sensuality of Scorpio, this new moon, take the time for an act of self-love and spiritual connection.

For this ritual you will need: one or more black candles, a bathtub, some quiet alone time, and any of these optional additions: freshly cut flowers, bubble bath, onyx or garnet stones, essential oils of patchouli/ylang ylang/jasmine/bergamot.

Light your candle(s) and fill your bath with warm water and any optional additions you’d like. Turn off all the lights, and slip into the water, allowing yourself to become quiet. Soak for as long as you’d like, reflecting upon your inner Scorpio energy and how you can put this into motion in a healthy, temperate way.

Okay friends, how has Scorpio season been treating you so far? It’s certainly been intense for me, perhaps in part because this is my rising sign!

How do you like to work with these themes of darkness, death/rebirth, sensuality, and the shadow world?

Until next month…

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~