The Force Is Already With You


Hello dear friends!

Head’s up: very mild spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Just over a year ago, I was sitting in a dark movie theatre, when on comes this scene. Rey is asking Skywalker about the Force, and he leads her into a meditation to connect with this energy. As I watched her and listened to the words she was saying, it felt so utterly familiar, and then I realized was just like my initial Reiki training! While I drove home that night, I kept replaying that scene in my mind, and the idea came to me to write about it on my blog.

So, here it goes!

Many of you already know that I have been practicing Reiki for a few years now, and am also certified to teach and give attunements (we’ll come back to this later). And I’m sure that some of you also know that the way I like to explain what Reiki is, for those who are new to it, uses Star Wars terminology.

The Force is real.

Follow me here...

When Skywalker asks Rey what The Force is, she says something to the effect of: a special power owned by the Jedi, which they control for their desired outcome (I’m obviously paraphrasing, here). Which is honestly pretty on par with some of the misinformation I hear about Reiki. Just like Skywalker corrects Rey, I’ll go ahead and say that this is not quite right.

Nobody owns The Force, just like nobody owns Reiki. And unlike those who have a natural knack for using The Force (typically through bloodlines, I believe), anyone can learn Reiki!

Skywalker leads Rey into a meditation and asks her to close her eyes, breathe, and “tell me what you see.” This was the part that gave me goosebumps, since it reminded me so much of some of my trainings and meditations. Rey begins to see and feel everything, quite intensely. It is in these moments that she understands the sacred balance of all life. She sees the light, as well as the darkness. She feels warmth, as well as the cold. She sees life, death, power, surrender...she finally has a grasp of what The Force is.

As Skywalker explains it, The Force is everywhere. It is the energy between everything. A kind of “white space” upon which all realities exist. (again, I’m paraphrasing) This is perfectly in line with any of us who attempt to understand the metaphysical planes and the concept of “energy” at all. Everything is energy. Between everything is energy also. And we can think of (at least some of) this energy as Reiki.

Granted, for anyone who knows anything about Star Wars, this raises the question of the light vs. the darkness. Indeed, I don’t doubt that there is dark energy out there. After all, there must be darkness, for light to exist. This is the duality of nature. But Reiki is only the light side of the Force. True Reiki energy can never hurt you, it can only help and heal you. The presence of a true Reiki Master (Jedi Master?) acts as a clear channel for this pure light energy. And the coolest part about all of this?

Everyone has access to The Force.


Simply by being alive, you have earned the right to feel, to understand, and to use this energy. One of the best things about teaching Reiki is watching people truly feel The Force for the first time. It’s everywhere. But most of us aren’t tuned into it. This is one of the reasons why they’re called “attunements” in Reiki- we’re quite literally turning the energetic tuning knob, so that you can receive and transmit this energy with more clarity. Just like you would (in the old days, anyway) turn the dial on a radio to hone in on the signal, to pick up the station clearly, being attuned by a trained Reiki Master/Teacher helps you to connect more strongly to this energy.

I cannot tell you the number of times that I have experienced what some might label “surreal” or “coincidental” occurrences following a Reiki session or deep meditation. I also have a hard time explaining what I see and feel during a Reiki session too! The amazing thing is, though, the more I practice with Reiki and meditation, the more clear my “signal” seems to be. Just the other day, after a particularly intense morning meditation, it felt like I was aligned to a larger, more expansive source of information. Within just an hour following that meditation, I correctly predicted FIVE different occurrences.: things happened within minutes or seconds of me thinking them.

Now, I’m not saying everyone will have this kind of thing happen to them. But what I am saying is that we all have so much more intuitive power than we think we do, precognition included. And Reiki training (aka Jedi training) helps us to touch into forces beyond what our limited human minds can comprehend. When we can feel and understand these forces, we become better Reiki practitioners, and better people too!

Personally, I like to train students in more of a mentorship setting, or in very small groups. There are a lot of different ways to learn Reiki, and I know there are plenty of large workshops and even online formats too. And these are perfectly fine! However, for me, I really feel that smaller, more intimate settings are better at preserving the tradition of Reiki, as well as tailoring the training to the individual. After all, we each possess our own unique talents, gifts, and challenges! No Padawan is alike.

So yes, friends. The Force is real. It’s already with you.

And you too, can become a Jedi.

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And as always,

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~