Essential Oils For Tantra


Hello dear friends!

If there were two things that I think have been pretty darn consistent throughout human’s existence here on earth, it’d be sex and plant medicine. And honestly, there is a lot more overlap between the two than you might think. And that’s only because, in our current society, sex has become sterilized, plasticized, and commodified. And when you think about it, medicine has been very much the same. In both arenas, we have become disconnected from the power of nature, energy, and spirituality. So, consider this your official invitation to come home.

I imagine that, for some of you out there, the first part of this blog’s title is quite familiar to you. Essential oils are quite popular these days, and most people I know at least have a bottle of lavender oil somewhere in their house. But I’m guessing that not everyone is familiar with the second part- tantra. What the heck is tantra anyway? Hint: it’s not some weird kinky sex thing.

Tantra is an ancient Eastern tradition, coming out of Hindu and Buddhist belief systems, and is WAY more than we’ve been led to believe here in the West. Technically, the “Tantras” are an esoteric Hindu text, outlining philosophies on health, pleasure, virtues, relationships, and more. But for our sake here today, we’ll simply dive into the modern meaning of the word “tantra.”

In essence, Tantra is the Divine meeting of sex, energy work, and spirituality.

If you were to study Tantra here in the West, you would likely learn a whole series of breathwork techniques, chanting, yoga poses, meditations, and self-healing methods, in addition to the more *ahem* hands-on things like mindful masturbation and partnered intimacy.


In its core teachings, Tantra is all about balancing the masculine and feminines energies, creating a type of sacred circle or polarity. All of us, regardless of our gender, embody the masculine and the feminine. And likewise, we can participate fully in tantra regardless of our gender identity, or that of our partner(s).

Translating from Sanskrit, “tantra” essentially means “to stretch, expand, and weave into liberation.” I think that sounds pretty cool, don’t you?

For many of us who have practiced yoga, mindfulness, or energy work, Tantra can be a natural progression (and full embodiment) of our spiritual practice. It requires a kind of vulnerability, tenderness, and courage unlike many other spiritual paths. I think a lot of this is because it asks us to get naked (literally, and metaphorically), shed our shame, be open with others, and to claim pleasure and bliss as our birthright. And that’s some tough stuff, y’all!

When I think of Tantra, I immediately think of the heart chakra and the sacral chakra. Whether you are practicing solo, or with others, these two energy centers need to be open and transmuting energy smoothly. So, I tend to focus on the kinds of plants and medicines that can balance these two chakras! Which brings me to the point of this blog! (Sorry, there’s SO much to talk about when it comes to Tantra!)

Essential oils are some of my favorite ways to work with plants. They’re incredibly potent and oh-so versatile, and of course, they smell good! I’ve been playing with and blending oils for nearly 10 years now, and have an entire line of chakra essential oil blends in my Etsy shop. You’ll notice that many of the oils in the sacral and heart blends are in this post, and for good reason!

Mixing essential oils and tantra has always felt natural to me. Scent has long been used to induce arousal, sharpen attention, soften the mood, and lots of other things that are beneficial to this practice. Plus, oils give us access to plant medicine, without the need for preparing tea, taking tinctures, or other hassles for many people. A well-chosen essential oil, or oil blend, can transform an ordinary sexual experience to a transcendent one.

So, let’s dig in and explore some of the best essential oils for Tantra:


1. Rose

One of the most sacred oils on Earth, Rose (especially Damascus Rose) holds the highest vibration of any plant material. Some say that just one drop of pure rose oil can heal a decade of hurt in the heart chakra. Roses have long been associated with love and romance, and many people find the scent of rose to be soothing, and uplifting to the mood. A little rose, either applied directly on the chest, or included in a blend, can open the heart and make way for deeper connection.

2. Neroli

Also known as orange blossom, neroli makes for one of the most beautifully fragranced oils out there, and is often used in perfume-making. Neroli is very sweet and floral, lending a sensual vibe to any blend (I rarely use this one alone, because it’s so strong). It works to open and warm the energy channels, alleviating depression and anxiety, and making you better able to receive the presence of your partner.

3. Patchouli

Musky and grounding, patchouli may be the ultimate “hippie” oil. But it blends very nicely with many others on this list, for a wonderful sexy time scent. Patchouli is a meditative oil, helping to calm the nerves and focus the mind, while keeping you anchored in the present moment. It’s also a powerful aphrodisiac for all genders, stimulating blood flow and sexual interest.

4. Ylang Ylang

An exotic floral oil, ylang ylang is often added to blends to encourage sexual expression and self-love. It is good for regulating emotions, relieving pain, reducing blood pressure, and of course, stimulating excitement. This is another very strong oil, like neroli, so dilute and blend well!

5. Bergamot

My personal favorite of the citrus oils, bergamot is sweeter and softer than most other citrus scents. It can add some cheer and uplift to any blend for Tantra, which is wonderful when you want to add some more energy, clarity, and movement to your practice. Bergamot is a light, happy oil, and works well to balance out some of the heavier oils on this list.

6. Rosewood

This is a relatively obscure oil, but I absolutely love it for its meditative and spiritual properties. Unlike the rest of the oils mentioned here, rosewood is more commonly associated with the third eye and crown chakras, which means it can elevate your Tantric practice to new heights. If you want to bring more spiritual bliss and transcendence into your sex life, this is a great oil for that.

7. Jasmine

A heady, floral oil, jasmine invokes the feeling of the tropics, sun, and lush landscapes. And that’s pretty darn sexy, right? This oil is fantastic for regulating the menstrual cycle, lifting depression, and nourishing the reproductive system tissues/muscles. Jasmine brings a fresh, sweet scent that has long been hailed as a powerful aphrodisiac. It’s quite strong, so I would blend well with others on this list.


8. Sandalwood

One of the most famous spiritual oils on the planet, sandalwood works well to open and balance the sacral, third eye, and crown chakras, making it a must-include in this blog. Musky, woodsy, and masculine, this oil is good for stimulating desire, as well as inviting in a deep meditative state. Sandalwood incense and perfumes are very common in Tantra circles.

For the most potent effect and best safety for you and your partner, I recommend sourcing your oils from a reputable company. Personally, I use doTERRA oils, and always feel comfortable using them on my body (no matter my activity...wink wink). If you want to score wholesale pricing on these therapeutic-grade oils, get in touch and I’ll set you up!

So, friends, what do you think? Do you have a special essential oil that puts you in the mood? Have you incorporated oils into your sex life or Tantric practice, if you have one? I’d love to hear about it!

And as always,

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~