New Moon In Pisces: Insights & Practice

Image taken from  here

Image taken from here

Hello dear friends!

Many of you have shared such wonderful feedback on the addition of the zodiac sign blog, to go with each month’s free new moon Reiki sesh, that I will just keep doing things this way! Plus, it's wonderful for me, as a healer (and human being), to add this layer of wisdom each month to my own practice. I've found that, adding in the astrological insights to each new moon cycle, allows me to go deeper and notice more nuanced patterns of energy within myself and the world around me. What do you think? I'd love to continue getting your feedback, so leave me a comment below!

Before we jump into this month's goodies, don't forget to brush up on the meaning of each of the moon's phases. I've outlined them all in a blog right here. 

Ready? All right, let's dig in!

The new moon brings us such gifts, with the space in which to rest, rejuvenate, and realign ourselves to our truth. Just like the moon, our lives unfurl in rhythms, in cycles, and in waves, and now is the time to set the course for the month ahead. Each point along the lunar cycle brings a new dynamic to play with, and when we pair these fluctuations with the insights of the zodiac, we can accomplish so much more! This month, we will experience a new moon in Pisces, the last sign of the western zodiac, and have the opportunity to dive deep into our emotional, creative, and gentle nature.


The sign of Pisces is known as one of the deepest and most vibrant, containing an ocean of intuition and wonder it is a water sign- the element of emotion! It is also associated with the color of sea green, the planet Neptune, and the 12th house of the subconscious in the astrological tradition. Symbolized by the image of two fish, Pisces reflects our ability to exist in both the conscious and subconscious worlds. Each of us is made up of a spiritual and a physical aspect, and Pisces can bring this balance of seen and unseen into focus. This sign’s energy is all about magic, fantasy, love, and compassion.

Like all signs, it’s important to find the balance within the Pisces season. Right now, approaching the new moon in Pisces, you may feel especially emotional or sensitive. Ask yourself, what are you doing with this energy? Are you allowing it to rise up like the ocean waves, and flooding your entire life? Are you trying to shut it down, putting up a dam and refusing to experience it at all? This is the ever-present conundrum of Pisces; being able to feel it all, but having to still exist in this human society. The new moon in this sign can be particularly potent, as we have the chance to go within and swim in the spiritual, imaginative realms.

The gifts of Pisces often come in intangible ways- through love, romance, creativity, and intuition. Pisces energy thrives on art, music, solo time, and spiritual practice. However, look out for the flip side of this sign (the other fish, if you will) and the tendency to withdraw into sadness and isolation, or to play the victim. During this special new moon, pay attention to your emotions and your inner mental processes behind these emotions. Are you slipping into victimhood? Are you becoming too withdrawn, lost in your inner world? Each of us has some Pisces energy, and this moon is a great time to share your creativity and emotional depth with the world, without drowning yourself!

Dreamy, watery Pisces energy can be alluring, especially in the face of harsh reality. Thus, escapism is a popular manifestation of the dual fish sign, retreating into the perceived safety of our own minds. Don’t let yourself get sucked too far in and lose touch with your earthly self and what you came to this planet to do. The Pisces new moon is the time to honor your inner intuitive and creative gifts, and find new ways to effectively and realistically bring them out into the world.


Your invitation for the new moon in Pisces:

Since this season is all about feelings and intuition, this month's ritual will entail a dream journaling exercise.

You will need: a journal or large sketchbook, art supplies of your choice (markers, paints, oils, watercolors, scrapbooking items, etc…), a sea green/teal candle, and a large surface to work on.

Start by lighting your candle and putting on music that feels good. Close your eyes and try to recall a recent dream (the more recent, the better). See if there are certain colors, shapes, textures, or themes present. Then, using your art supplies, create a picture of this dream. Describe the events/your feelings in a visual way, and use words too if you’d like. When you’re finished, display your piece on your altar.

Alright, friends. Feeling ready for this coming Pisces new moon? I sure am! I'd love to hear how your dream journaling went- leave me a message below!

As always, my lovelies...

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~