Minimalist Shoes: My LEMS Boulder Boot Review

Hello dear friends!

Alas, the cold season has arrived here in Colorado. Well, alright…sort of. Even though we’ve had a few days that warranted shorts and sandals lately, on the whole, it’s the time of year when most of us have to pull out the fluffy socks and closed-toe shoes. Don’t get me wrong- I love living in this amazing state, but there are days when I wish I could be barefoot all year round! And so, for me anyway, surviving the chilly months calls for comfortable, reliable minimalist footwear.

You may remember, earlier this year, I gave you my rundown of the amazing Primal2 from LEMS Shoes. If you haven’t checked that out yet, and you’re in the market for a sweet pair of breathable, minimalist athletic shoes, head over here to read the full review. I admit, even for someone who doesn’t like to wear shoes all that much, I found myself slipping those bad boys on for grocery runs, taking River for walks, even for the odd game of mini golf.


Since I already knew that I loved their style and fit, I wanted to team up with LEMS again, to bring you guys another review of their amazing minimalist foot-goodies. Up next? The top-selling Boulder Boot! Isn’t it pretty??

“So,” you may say, “these look like a lot of other boots I see out there…what makes this one different?”

Well, I’m glad you asked!

I’ll start off by saying that I’ve tried on a lot of shoes over the years, especially boots and other hiking shoes, and nothing…I repeat…nothing has come close to feeling the way a LEMS shoe feels. There’s a reason why they tout these as the “world’s most packable boot,” and their lightweight, bendable form is just one thing on their list of perks.

Some other unique features of the Boulder Boot include:


Most other shoes elevate the heel, which can throw off your body’s natural stride, and lead to musculoskeletal imbalances over time. LEMS built this boot on a zero-drop platform, allowing your gait to be smooth, favoring a healthier mid-foot or forefoot strike (instead of a heel strike).

Only 11.5 oz

Holy smokes, you guys. I know it may not sound like much, but when you’re walking around in heavy boots, it really does put a strain on your body. Plus, it makes them harder to travel with! Thankfully, LEMS has found a way to make a durable, attractive leather boot that doesn’t feel like you’re lugging around cement. These babies are so lightweight, it barely feels like I’m wearing them at all!

Wide toebox

One of the things I hate most about traditional shoes is how they cramp my toes. Our feet naturally want to spread out when we walk, for optimal traction and momentum, and my tootsies rejoice for my new LEMS boots! The wide toebox gives you room to breathe, and allows for the natural swelling that occurs after being up and around all day.


Needless to say, after my great experience with my other LEMS, I was positively dying for my new boots to arrive. When they finally did, I brought them into my living room and opened the box. Oh man…running my hands along that butter-smooth leather was divine! And they definitely lived up to the lightweight hype, too. I could barely believe how flexible and airy these boots were!

For anyone who is a self-professed shoe hater (cough cough), or anyone who lives with musculoskeletal pain or chronic injuries, these boots are a godsend. And since I fall into both of those categories, I was so happy to have the chance to check out these shoes. I slipped them on, laced them up, and instantly smiled. They fit perfectly, they made my foot and ankle feel stable, and they didn’t feel like a ton of bricks. Hooray!



I walked around in them in the house for a while, to let my feet adjust. For those who don’t know, or didn’t read my other LEMS review yet, it’s important to go slowly when transitioning to minimalist footwear. After years or decades in bulky, stiff, uber-insulated shoes, your feet may need a little time to get back to their natural shape and stride. You’ve probably been strapped into some kind of conventional shoe since you took your first steps, so be patient with yourself.

Unlike most boots, the Boulder Boot didn’t feel like it even needed the usual “break in” period. My feet, gingerly held in these light, comfortable shoes, were ready to roll. And so, we went for a little walk around a local lake. The upper part of the boot was just perfect around my ankle, giving me a bit of extra support. And the toebox was roomy enough without making me feel like I was sliding around (potential blister city, am I right?). Most boots are so clunky, but with the flexible sole on these babies, I didn’t feel restricted or weighed down at all. Success!


The next day, I wore them out to have coffee with a friend, and she immediately commented on how cute my boots were. I admit, I was feeling like a million bucks, sitting sipping my organic coffee with my sweet shades, and my killer new leather shoes on. (Colorado culture, what can I say?)

Another great thing about these shoes is how nice they look, no matter what I’m wearing. ‘Tis the season of blue jeans, and thankfully they go great with a nice denim, with the cuffs rolled up, or even with my skinny jeans. When I was out for a walk, I paired them with some black leggings, and these boots still looked awesome! And I know, come summer hiking season, my LEMS will both feel good and look good on the trails. I’m already counting down…

My LEMS provided much needed support (and badassery) during archery

My LEMS provided much needed support (and badassery) during archery


Honestly, being the minimalist I am, I expect each item in my wardrobe to be multi-purpose. If a pair of shoes or pants only goes with one or two other items, they go in the purge pile. So, I chose my russet leather LEMS with intention, and I’m so happy at how versatile these boots are! I’ve worn them with a dozen different outfits already, and never felt like they were out of place. And that’s a huge success, for those of us who keep tidy capsule wardrobes!

There are so many awesome things I could say about my new LEMS Boulder Boots, but I’ll sum it up by shouting from the rooftops: “Go get yourself some of these!!” Or buy a pair for someone you really like this holiday season. Or two pairs. I mean, they do have lots of nice color options…

You heard it from me, Certified Primal Health Coach, minimalist, and barefoot enthusiast: LEMS are awesome.

Get your feet some new BFFs HERE.

And until next time, my friends…

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~