New Moon In Taurus: Insights & Practice

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Hello dear friends!

The new moon is tomorrow, which means it's time for two things! My monthly FREE new moon reiki event is coming up, and I always try to post a blog about the month's astrological sign, and how to work with this energy during the new moon. You guys seem to like having this extra layer of insight to play with, so here we are, in Taurus season! 

If you want to learn more about each phase of the moon, and how to infuse this wisdom into your life, check out this post first.

Ready to dig in to this month's energy? Let's get to it...

Each month, as the moon traverses into the darkness, we have a sacred invitation to infuse our spiritual practice with the wisdom of the new moon, and of the astrological sign that it presents in. During the new moon, we can plant seeds and set intentions of what we wish to change about ourselves or the way with which we interact with the world. This new moon, in the sign of Taurus, calls to the steady, grounded, determined energy within each of us. We can work with this Taurus frequency, to help find our footing again, see ourselves and others through a pragmatic lens, and refocus on the practical, earthly side of life.

Every year, we will experience a new moon in each of the zodiac signs, and working with these energies, through your own spiritual rituals, can give tremendous clarity and purpose. It can be nice to have a specific focus for each new moon, and this month, we will work with the sign of the bull. Taurus is an earth sign, meaning that it is very grounded, secure, and sensual. The bull delights in the pleasures of this earthly experience, loves the finer things in life, and calls on us to reignite our own sensuality, connection, and abundance.


The taurus bull, just like every other zodiac sign, has its strengths and weaknesses. Taurus energy can be very reliable, grounding, responsible, devoted, and stable, but it can also be materialistic, possessive, uncompromising, and annoyingly stubborn. We all have a bit of the Taurus energy inside of us, but you may notice during this time of the year, it might take more of a center stage role. This new moon is a great time to tap into your inner bull, and acknowledge both its light and shadow sides.

The new moon in Taurus can guide you to rediscover your passions, make practical decisions to support yourself, and spend more time in the natural world.

Taurus is an earth sign, represented by the bull, the color green, and ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus is also associated with the 2nd house in the astrology chart, linked with our self-worth, along with beauty, material possessions, and pleasure. Taking all of these dynamics into consideration, it’s no surprise that many women feel particularly upended during the time of the Taurus new moon. Many of us deny our own worth and pleasure, but now is our chance to find that powerful goddess within, and to delight in this earthly playground! (Men too!) And, of course, the other side of the Taurus energy is stability, domesticity, and reliability. You can work with the earth, to feel grounded and secure in yourself again.

During the time of the new moon in Taurus, grab this chance to go within and set intentions around your inner bull-ish energy. Clarify what gives you joy, what makes you feel beautiful and worthy, and how you can stay centered in your own power, no matter what goes on around you.


Your invitation for the new moon in Taurus

Now is the time to delight in your physical body, your earthly home, and feel supported again. For this ritual, you will need a selection of flowers, herbs, leaves, twigs, and other earth elements that call to you.

Depending on the amount of time you have, you may assemble a beautiful flower crown to adorn your head, or you may simply tuck a few blossoms in your hair. If you choose to make a crown, there are many tutorials available online! However you wish, decorate and lavish yourself, feeling like the beautiful earth god/dess that you are. And take as many selfies as you want! When you’re finished, display your flowers or flower crown on your altar, along with a green candle, and fresh fruits to symbolize the abundance and juiciness of the Taurus, during this moon cycle.

Alternatives to the flower crown might be: creating an earth-centered altar display, painting your nails, or making an outdoor mandala.

Alright, friends, what do you think about Taurus season? How do you like to connect with Mother Nature this time of year? Share your experiences below!

And don't forget to tune in for the live Reiki event! See you there!

And until next month...

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~