New Moon In Virgo: Insights & Practice

Image taken from astrology zone. com

Image taken from astrology zone. com

Hello dear friends!

Alas, we've come upon another new moon- a time to go within and set some new intentions. I invite you to join me for my FREE new moon Reiki event tomorrow evening! This is a collaborative effort between my friend Amie and I, bringing you some healing vibes and some insights each month, so you can use the current energies for your highest and best! Stay in the loop by following me on Instagram!

If you're not familiar with the meanings of the different moon phases, or how these might offer some guidance for your life, check out this blog first, before you keep reading.

Okay, ready to dive into this month's new moon in Virgo? Let's do it!

Coming into a time of reflection, around the new moon, you may find that your energy is naturally following the pattern set by the lunar cycle. In direct complement to the height and frenzy of the full moon, the new moon is all about going within and reassessing our inner landscape. And just like each full moon carries its own theme, each new moon passes through one of the twelve zodiac signs, calling our attention towards these particular dynamics and how to work with them in a healthy way. This coming new moon in the sign of Virgo is our chance to better understand our inner analyst and perfectionist, and how we can apply these gifts in a way that is kind, compassionate, and helpful.


Virgo is linked with the element of earth, the planet of Mercury, and the 6th astrological house of routine, habits, and work. The symbol of the virgin, and the colors beige or brown are closely associated with this sign. Virgo energy is hard-working, detail-oriented, and reliable, and can help you when you need to accomplish a specific goal. However, like with all signs, Virgo season can bring about some less-desirable traits, like being overly critical, hard to please, shy, or stressed, and possibly creating conflict in the work environment, or losing touch with spontaneity and playfulness.

As the new moon ushers in the Virgo season, in the very end of summer, you may find yourself becoming irritable or anxious, or find that your inner perfectionist seems to have taken the reigns again. We all have these qualities within us, but this Virgo new moon may have you feeling too stagnant or too analytical. Because this sign is an earth sign, it brings stability and pragmatism, but it can also feel heavy and serious. Now is the time to be deliberate in your health and wellness routines, and take joy in the seemingly mundane aspects of everyday life.

There is nothing inherently wrong with being practical and efficient; these characteristics can keep us grounded, safe, and capable of handling the demands of today’s world. However, when this energy turns too straight-laced, it can stifle your inner creativity and sense of adventure. Like with most things, it’s all about balance! Virgo’s new moon invites us to find that balance in our homes, our careers, and our relationships, where we can have fun, but still buckle down and take care of responsibilities.

Your inner Virgo is impeccable, organized, and always reliable. These qualities make for a great workhorse, and sometimes can be taken advantage of. This new moon, reflect upon the places in your life where you might feel like you’re shouldering the weight for others, or perhaps where the responsibility always falls back on you. It’s great to feel capable and needed, but when this turns into a regular pattern, it can lead to burnout and resentment. Instead, this month, work with your organizational skills to make your life better, but to also free up time to be silly and let your hair down.

Virgo season is the time to be meticulous, prepared, and steady, without being overly attached to the outcome.


Your invitation for the new moon in Virgo

Taking a cue from Virgo’s meticulous and planning-oriented energy, this month’s ritual will be centered around your daily routines and habits.

For your altar, find a brown or tan-colored candle, and possibly some other earth elements like stones, grasses or grains, flowers, or twigs. Light your candle, and grab your journal and perhaps your computer, if needed.

First, reflect on your daily routine- does it still serve you? Where does it feel stagnant? Resist the urge to throw out the routine altogether, but pick just one thing to change or an opportunity to try something new. Next, examine your overall patterns- weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Identify three areas where you could make changes to be more efficient, save time, or save money.

So, friends..are you feeling the pull of Virgo energy? What do you do when you notice your inner perfectionist or control freak want to take over? 

Here's to finding some balance in this new moon cycle!

See you for the new moon Reiki event, and of course, as always...

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~