21 Little Ways To Care For Yourself & The Planet


Hello dear friends!

I didn’t used to be crunchy. I didn’t always eat kale, make my own medicines, recycle, or use natural body products. Nowadays, those things are simply part of my life, but it didn’t happen overnight.

I know that, for a lot of people, making positive changes for their health and the health of the planet can seem daunting. And maybe you’re in the place right now, where you want to make some better choices and don’t know where to start. As you’re looking through blogs and social media accounts (maybe even mine!), you’re feeling overwhelmed and inadequate, like the mountain ahead of you is impossible to climb. Well, you know what? First of all, nobody is perfect. And secondly, that mountain ain’t gonna climb itself! Just take it one step at a time.

Our health is intricately entwined with the health of our environment, which is why I’ve decided to include them both in this one post. Generally speaking, what is good for our planet is also good for us, and when we make positive changes in one area, it often spills into other areas. When I finally realized this a few years ago, my personal healing took on a whole new momentum!

So, my friend, if you’re looking for small, easy things that you can do to boost your own health and feel good about taking care of our earth, here are 21 to get you started:

1. Brush with bamboo

Did you know that the average person will throw away an average of 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime? When those toothbrushes are made from plastic, that’s an awful lot of waste and potential health risks too. One super simple solution? Switch to a bamboo toothbrush. They’re completely safe for you, and compostable too.

2. Make your own cleaning products

Whether you’re concerned about harsh chemicals, single-use plastic waste, or just want to save some cash, DIY cleaning products are an awesome thing. There are tons of great recipes out there now, that only take a handful of everyday ingredients, so give it a try!

3. Power down before bed

Taking some time away from screens and media is good for your brain and endocrine system, and also your emotional health. Reducing your online time before bed can help you sleep better, reduce headaches, and boost overall mood.

4. Start with a smoothie


Many of us struggle to eat healthy, especially in the mornings. I’ve found that starting my days with a big ol’ smoothie not only saves time, but it keeps me full and feeling good from all the clean fruit and veggie energy! I personally love recipes from FullyRaw Kristina, Medical Medium, and Sunwarrior.

5. Wash your hair a little less

Did you know you’re not actually supposed to wash your hair every day? We want the natural oils to help keep our locks soft, strong, and healthy. I wash my hair 2x/week, and it’s never looked better. Plus, it saves on water, and you won’t use up your products nearly as fast!

6. Carry your reusable water bottle everywhere

Most people know that I’m a huge hydration fanatic, but I’m also firmly against plastic water bottle waste. The solution? A reusable glass or stainless steel bottle, that I always have filled up. Healthy water for me, no trash for the planet.

7. Cull some clothes

We’re in a clutter crisis, and a lot of that clutter is in our closets. It feels so good to clear out unused stuff, so start with your clothes! Be honest about what you actually wear, and recycle, donate, or gift the rest. You’ll breathe easier, trust me.

8. Start cooking in bulk

Food prep takes up a lot of time and energy when you’re eating healthy. Maximise your time and reduce your food waste by cooking in large batches. You’ll use up all your ingredients, and have plenty of leftovers that you can pop in the freezer for later. No excuses for fast food or takeout too- save money and your health!

9. Learn Reiki

This powerful healing technique can be used on yourself, your loved ones, your pets, your houseplants, and the entire world. Pretty cool, huh? Energy medicine can change your life, and I believe that as more people become attuned/certified, we’re going to see positive shifts on a global scale.


10. Bring your reusable bags

Plastic bags are considered one of the top environmental threats, but they’re so easy to swap. Reusable bags are everywhere these days! Snag a few, keep them in your car, and always be prepared for a plastic bag-free grocery run. They also work well for carrying school supplies, sports equipment, and stashing dirty/wet clothes.

11. Eat in a couple more times a week

From both a health and an environmental standpoint, cooking at home can’t be beat. You can use clean ingredients, flavored just the way you like, and you can skip out on the high prices and loads of plastic from takeout and restaurant meals.

12. Meditate for 10 minutes a day

No matter what you’re struggling with, your healing begins in the mind. Meditation has radically changed my life, and it only takes a few minutes each day to see the benefits. Mindfulness practices form the foundation for all of your other successes. I personally like Headspace and Insight Timer.

13. Replace your cosmetics

Most cosmetic and body products contain dozens of different chemicals, and when you’re putting on a handful of different things each and every day, that adds up to a lot of health hazards. There are lots of great natural, eco-friendly, and vegan cosmetics out there now, so start swapping out!

14. Try “plogging”

This is a trend that I hope stays for good. “Plogging” is a term to describe picking up trash along your jogging route, but you can do this if you’re just walking to work or school too. You get health benefits from the activity, and you help clean up your neighborhood. Win-win.

15. Support a small business

While there are some ethical corporations out there, when it comes to natural ingredients, community-building, and meaningful handiwork, nothing beats small business. Creating things from non toxic materials, infused with love, is one of my favorite things to do, and I like to think it’s changing the world, one order at a time.

16. Reduce your EMFs

We’re surrounded by so many artificial electromagnetic fields these days, and while we don't yet know the long-term effects, the short-term ones aren’t looking so good. Move your routers away from your sleeping areas, turn your phone on airplane mode at night, reduce your microwave usage, refuse “smart meters” on your home, and try earthing to counteract some of the EMF hazards.

17. Switch to herbal medicine


There are safe, plant-based versions of just about every drug on the market. If you want to support your body’s natural healing processes, instead of masking symptoms (with potential side effects), herbs are where it’s at. Every medicine cabinet should be stocked with herbal teas, tinctures, and capsules, and maybe some essential oils and flower essences too!

18. Practice loving-kindness

For our own healing, and to heal our planet, it all starts in the heart. Compassion for ourselves and others is the key to seeing lasting, positive transformation, so make loving-kindness a regular practice. You might be surprised to see that you start eating healthier, sleeping better, and are more conscious of your words and actions.

19. Join your local library

Our libraries are such underutilized resources! They provide amazing books, movies, magazines, and more for free, plus they have classes and community events. You can pick up tons of great media, learn a new skill, and connect with your neighbors...all in one place.

20. Get a bidet

Can I just tell you how much I love my bidet?? Why hasn’t this caught on in the US yet? Bidets are cheap, easy to install, and keep you clean without all the tp waste...or worse, those wet wipes that are clogging up the sewer systems.

21. Shop the farmer’s markets

If you want fresh, locally-grown food that supports family farms and ranches, your local farmer’s market is the place to be. You can meet the people that grow your food, which I think is so important from a social and spiritual point of view. Fresh produce, grass-fed meats, local honey, and lots more is waiting, so grab your reusable bags and go. Bonus- many farmer’s markets take SNAP/food stamps, and offer double purchase points on produce.

What do you think, friend? Do you think you could give a couple of these ideas a try? I want to hear how it goes, so leave me a comment below!

Much love, and as always…

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~

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