Balancing Your Throat Chakra With Crystals And Essential Oils


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It's time for the 5th installment of our chakra healing series, which brings us to the throat. 

Our 5th chakra is known as Vishuddha in Sanskrit, and is the powerhouse of our communication and confidence in how we present ourselves to the world. This chakra is a light blue color and is associated with the elements of sound, music, and vibration. Seated in the base of our neck, the throat chakra energy center is responsible for governing our interactions with others, and how we make ourselves known, along with advocating for our needs and desires. Many people suffer from an imbalanced throat chakra, so it’s worth knowing how to bring it back into a healthy balance! If your 5th chakra is blocked or underactive, you may be timid, afraid to speak up, deceitful, manipulative, or end up in situations that are bad for you. When this chakra is overactive, you may be overbearing, loud, controlling, or unreceptive to criticism.

Since we are communicating with others every single day, it’s important that we are able to find a balance between speaking and listening, expressing and absorbing, and crystals and oils are a wonderful way to encourage this balance. Other modes like singing, sound therapy, and massage are also great to heal the throat chakra, but let’s explore the powers of stones and essential oils now. When you want to be able to stand up for yourself without being bullish, use these amazing natural elements to foster that sense of healthy communication.

Stones for the Throat Chakra

1. Amazonite

The captivating blue-green of this stone makes it easy to carry around or wear as jewelry. Amazonite is sometimes called the “stone of truth”, and it can help you speak your truth in any situation, from careers to relationships. It carries the energy of the river, working to smooth over miscommunications, quiet tempers, and promote self-reflection. This stone will help you make your needs known without being overemotional.

2. Turquoise

An ancient and powerful stone, turquoise has been worn by shamans and healers for centuries. This vibrant stone brings ease of communication, especially from your higher self and spirit guides, and carries the masculine energies of strength and confidence to help prepare you to stand your ground. Turquoise is good for boosting courage and clarifying what you need to evolve and grow.

3. Blue calcite

This mineral-rich stone is great for healing illness, repelling negative energy, and enhancing your creativity. Blue calcite infuses the throat chakra with new energy, allowing you to communicate deeply held beliefs, and supports your throat area with healing minerals. The soft blue-gray stone is ideal when you are suffering from writer’s block, stage fright, or other stressful situations where you need to speak calmly and clearly.

4. Blue lace agate

All kinds of agate are good for strengthening the connections we have between the earth below and the heavens above, and blue lace agate is ideal for bringing calm and clarity to any situation. This soft blue stone will foster tranquility, encourage understanding between people, and heal emotional blocks when it comes to communication. It’s a stone of support and kindness, and will help the right words to flow.

5. Aquamarine

Evoking the calm rhythm of the ocean, aquamarine is cleansing and healing, allowing both untruths and fears to be washed away. Associated with mermaids, this stone brings a sense of fearlessness and spontaneity, when you are busy over-thinking or ruminating on what you should say in a certain situation. It will aid you in honest, heartfelt communication that is both kind and helpful.

Essential Oils for the Throat Chakra

1. Chamomile

One of the most versatile and soothing oils, chamomile (both Roman and German varieties) is great to release tension and fear around the 5th chakra. It’s warm and sedating, as well as a powerful anti-inflammatory, making it ideal for both activating speech and reducing anger in your words. Chamomile can help lower your irritability, so you can make yourself heard in a respectful way.

2. Basil

This sweet and aromatic oil is perfect for when you need a little pick-me-up, or know you’re going to face a difficult situation where you will need to stand up for yourself. It’s mentally activating, so it will clarify your thoughts, and it also promotes the flow of oxygen, to enable clear and empowered speech. Basil is also a strong anti-microbial, great at relieving headaches, and will aid in concentration.

3. Cypress

Woody and herbaceous, cypress oil is a great oil to blend with others to create a sense of strength, clarity, and authenticity. It brings a fresh perspective to any situation, clears the mind of cobwebs, and can help you see eye to eye with someone you have conflict with. This oil carries the strength and durability of the cypress tree, along with the energy of ether, allowing you to speak with ease.

4. Spearmint

The uplifting and minty notes of this oil will bring a renewed sense of hope and optimism to your interactions with others, and help you think about what you want to say before you open your mouth. Spearmint is less overpowering than peppermint, and blends well with many other oils to relieve headaches, stress tension, and apprehension. This minty fragrance will give you strength and courage when you need to stand up for yourself.

5. Geranium

A cousin of the rose bush, geranium has a musky, sweet odor and is a popular fragrance in many products. It’s wonderful for the skin, and forms a bridge between the sharper throat chakra oils and the subtle ones. Geranium can help you stay calm and centered, and allow you to speak from the heart. Stability, balance, and compassion form the central effects of this oil on the 5th chakra.

There are many situations where an imbalanced throat chakra could get you into trouble, so take the time today to nourish this energy center and start enjoying honest and respectful communication with everyone you know. When you feel like you just can’t speak up for yourself, or you’re running into miscommunications at work or home, your throat chakra may be calling for your help. Use these stones and essential oils to bring about clarity and balance to these areas of your life!

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