Balancing Your Root Chakra With Crystals and Essential Oils

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This is the first stop on our adventure through the chakras! If you haven't checked them out yet, you can read about the other chakras here:

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I've been doing a lot of exploration into the chakra energy system lately, and how we can heal ourselves using this ancient wisdom. Through my own readings and self-healing work, I've seen tremendous changes, and I'm even so jazzed about it, I rearranged my Etsy shop to reflect this awesomeness!

I don't think that this needs much of an introduction, so without further ado, let's dig in to the crystals and essential oils that you can use to balance, nourish, and re-align your root chakra! Stay tuned over the next few weeks, I will explore all 7 of the bodily chakras...

The root chakra, called the Muladhara in Sanskrit, is the seat of our primitive being and our center of security and belonging. This is our bond with the physical world and the place where we set down roots to counter the stressful influences of our modern life. Associated with the color red, the root chakra can be found at the base of our spines, at the very bottom of our torsos in an area called the perineum. When this chakra is balanced, we feel centered, grounded, and safe, so learning to activate and heal this chakra is crucial to surviving the hectic world of today.

If you have been struggling with feeling lost, lacking in confidence, or like you’ve lost your connection with nature, your root chakra may be calling for your attention. When your root chakra is underactive, you will experience these things, and if it’s overactive, you may be prone to anger, aggression, greed, and materialism. There are many tools that we can use to open and nourish our chakras, including color therapy, yoga, energy work, nutritional support, and more, but today we’re going to explore the healing power of crystals and essential oils!

Stones for the Root Chakra

1. Red Jasper

The vibrant hue and solid feel of this gemstone makes it ideal for encouraging grounding and stability into your energy system. One of the oldest and most commonly used stones, red jasper can bring a feeling of protection, personal independence, and encourages you to follow your authentic path.

2. Bloodstone

This gorgeous semi-precious stone is sometimes called heliotrope, and is a deep green mottled with red flecks. It promotes healthy blood circulation and is an all-over balancing stone for the body. When used to heal the root chakra, bloodstone brings strength, resolve, grounded-ness, and patience, and helps us feel more connected to the divine flow of the earth below.

3. Smoky Quartz

Subtle and mysterious, this variation of quartz crystal is fantastic for transmuting negative energy and releasing it into the ground through our root chakra. It will help you release the past and things that no longer serve you, and brings both depth and clarity to your present situation. Smoky quartz can facilitate opening of your chakra, and provide the endurance needed to find your place of belonging in the world.

4. Obsidian

This glossy black stone is distinctive and beautiful, and is one of the most powerful grounding stones. It is formed from volcanic rock that solidifies into a shiny glass, bringing energy from deep within Mother Earth, and can help bring you down into a place of calm and centeredness instantly. Obsidian is a symbolic stone of resilience, self-control, and a sense of belonging in the natural world.

5. Hematite

Deep and anchoring, hematite is a great choice when you need to ground yourself in the stability of the earth and renew your strength and resolve. The dark reds and blacks of this stone bring your focus inwards and can help you feel calm, clear, and connected, and the mineral content helps to balance wayward thoughts and neutralizes stressors. Hematite is a powerful stone for grounding and protection.

Essential Oils for the Root Chakra

1. Vetiver

This deep and sensual oil is incredibly grounding, and can help bring you into a space of meditation and reflection. Vetiver is a strong oil, so be sure to use it judiciously and always dilute it properly! Woodsy, smokey, and earthy notes are perfect to banish anxiety, burnout, and insomnia, and it forms a beautiful base to any root chakra oil blend. Vetiver is a profoundly spiritual oil, and you can use it to feel calm, centered, and connected again.

2. Patchouli

One of the more popular oils, patchouli is much more than a hippie fragrance! This deep, rich, and earthy oil is versatile in skin, body, and diffuser applications, and lends a soothing heaviness to oil blends. Patchouli is good for the skin, can be a great base note for perfumes, and works to bring the body back down into a grounded and confident place.

3. Cedarwood

Your root chakra likes to feel firmly planted in the earth, so oils that are deep and woodsy are just the thing to bring it into balance. Cedarwood oil carries the deep and stable energy of the tree, and is great when you are feeling anxious, floaty, or can’t sleep at night. The fragrance is strong, but it is a wonderful addition to root chakra oil blends, and when you are facing chaos or conflict.

4. Myrrh

An ancient and highly prized oil, myrrh has been used for centuries to enhance spiritual practice and act as medicine. This oil is sweet, warm, and earthy, and is good for balancing the emotions, centering yourself in your truth, and combating overexertion. Myrrh blends well with the other root chakra oils, and is also wonderful for the skin and in oral health applications.

5. Frankincense

Another famous spiritual oil, frankincense comes from tree resin and carries with it a deep and woodsy scent. It will help to soothe racing thoughts, promote a connection to the natural world, and round out the other root chakra oils. Frankincense is great for the skin, is a lovely fragrance base note, and can help relax you without putting you to sleep!

We all have so many tools available to us to heal our bodies from the inside out, so I say, why not take advantage of them? I personally use crystals and semi-precious stones, along with customized aromatherapy, every day, and I've certainly felt positive shifts in all of my chakras. 

So, if you want to reconnect with your root, I highly recommend these oils and stones. And if you'd like to have something that’s ready-made, come check out my shop- I've got customized oil blends for all the chakras!

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I can't wait to go on this chakra healing adventure with all of you, friends! Sending love, and of course...

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~