Balancing Your Heart Chakra With Crystals And Essential Oils


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We're continuing our adventure through the chakras! If you haven't checked them out yet, you can read about the other chakras here:

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Next up in our tour of the seven chakras is my personal favorite, the heart chakra. This special energy center forms the sacred bridge between the lower (body and material-world focused) and higher (intangible and spiritual-world focused) chakras. Because of this, it's extra important to nourish your heart center. Plus, I think we could all use more heart-driven people, putting love and compassion out into the world! 

So, let's explore the 4th chakra!

The heart chakra, located in the center of your chest, is responsible for regulating emotional love, empathy, compassion, and dissipating feelings like anger and jealousy. Known as Anahata in Sanskrit, this chakra is associated with the color green and the element of air, and forms a sort of energetic bridge between the lower chakras (1-3) and the higher chakras (5-7). Since it plays such an important role in the center of our energetic bodies, the heart chakra should be given special attention in order to balance and encourage healthy flow throughout the whole body. Our hearts are responsible for our feelings of love and connection with others, as well as how we feel about ourselves.

Vibrant tones of emerald, sage, and blushing pink radiate from an open and balanced 4th chakra, and when it is healthy, you will feel caring, forgiving, patient, and feel a strong sense of empathy for others and yourself. However, if you have a blockage or imbalance in your heart chakra, you may feel jealous, shut down, suspicious, controlling, possessive, and could be holding on to grudges. There are many ways to bring balance to your 4th chakra, like yoga, loving-kindness meditation, and practicing acts of charity, and of course, crystals and essential oils are also wonderfully helpful!

Stones for the Heart Chakra

1. Rose quartz

This gorgeous pink stone is so popular for the 4th chakra that it is often called the “stone of the heart”. It brings a warm, soothing, and healing vibration and is especially wonderful for healing heartbreak and learning to love again. The smooth and joyful pink hues invite compassion and forgiveness into your relationships and interactions with others, and can also help with obsessive thinking and insomnia.

2. Malachite

The mesmerizing fluidity of this stone evokes a strong spiritual feeling of protection and willingness to take risks. Its pure green energy is devoted to opening the heart, while giving calm and clarity to any love-related decisions. It can help you understand your own desires, while understanding the natural ebbs and flows of life’s relationships, absorbing your fears and heartbreak.

3. Green aventurine

Sometimes called the “stone of opportunity”, aventurine holds a special energy of good luck and prosperity, in both love and financial affairs. The bright spring green color invigorates a tired and jaded heart, and invites a new fresh optimism into places that are feeling weak or beaten down. This stone is great to carry when you want a bit of luck, and want to remain open to new possibilities.

4. Pink Rhodochrosite

One of the most beautiful and radiant stones of the heart, rhodochrosite carries the pure energy of compassion and healing. Soft lines of pink, red, and purple blend to create a truly gorgeous stone that is ideal for recovering from heartache, regaining your sense of childlike joy, and opening yourself to new experiences. It can help you resolve past traumas, learn from your mistakes, and move forward with a whole-hearted bravery.

5. Jade

An ancient stone of significance, the lovely jade has been used for centuries to adorn royalty, bestow good fortune, and solidify friendships as well as financial transactions. The soothing, watery green brings peace and security, allowing you to open your heart chakra without fear and to give and receive love freely. Jade is also a talisman of protection, dream communication, and wisdom.

Essential Oils for the Heart Chakra

1. Rose

Fittingly, rose oil is ideal for soothing the heart and encouraging a healthy romantic connection. This oil is soft, sweet, and floral, evoking feelings of desire, honesty, and trust, which is helpful at the beginning of any new relationship or to heal an established one. It combats past stress, calms anxious thoughts, and relieves insomnia when worries keep you awake at night. Rose helps your heart to bloom again.

2. Lavender

It’s no wonder that lavender’s calming properties are perfectly suited to the heart chakra. This oil is fresh, herbaceous, and sweet, and is powerfully calming and relaxing, especially when you are going through emotional stress or have feelings of personal inadequacy. It’s a very safe and versatile oil, and blends well to create a sense of calm, confidence, and understanding in times of conflict.

3. Neroli

The exotic, citrusy, and floral scent of neroli oil makes it one of the more popular oils for romance and encouraging physical connection. Neroli comes from the blossoms of the orange tree, bringing the energy of hope, fertility, and nourishment to any relationship, plus it smells wonderful in a personal fragrance or home diffuser blend. This oil is potent and helps fight depression, frigidity, and emotional shock.

4. Mandarin

Sweet and uplifting, mandarin oil is a great choice when you want to feel joyful and free again after a spell of heartbreak or disconnection from others. It’s energizing without keeping you awake, and helps fight stress and periods of depression. Mandarin is a bright, fruity oil to use when your heart feels heavy and worn, and when you want to move on to better things.

5. Jasmine

The warm and inviting scent of jasmine makes it a popular choice in many fragrance blends, for both men and women. It’s exotic and very strong, but in small amounts, it can lend an exciting and sensual feel to any oil blend. It’s ideal for new romance, learning to feel good about yourself again, and when you want a boost of confident optimism to try new things and let go of the past.

The heart chakra should be alive and balanced, in order to foster healthy relationships, compassion for others, and encourage self-care. When this chakra is open and nourished, your entire energy system can flow smoothly. If you have been hurt by a past relationship, or feel shut down, unable to see the beauty and compassion in the world, it’s probably time to open and heal your heart chakra. These stones and oils are ideal for any time you want to feel more loving, trusting, and joyful

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