Balancing Your Third Eye Chakra With Crystals And Essential Oils

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We're continuing our adventure through the chakras! If you haven't checked them out yet, you can read about the other chakras here:

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It's time to move on up to the 6th chakra, and explore all the goodies that you can use to bring balance to this energy center.

Right between your eyebrows lies your third eye (or brow) chakra, which is one of the most powerful and important chakras when it comes to your spirituality. Called the Ajna in Sanskrit, this chakra is associated with the color of indigo blue and the element of light, and is the center of our intelligence, intuition, and perception of the world. Many people experience an awakening of this chakra over time, but there are many things that you can do to encourage this process. When the third eye is completely open and awake, you will be able to see reality clearly, free from illusion, and be able to think and process information around you with ease. However, if you are blocked in this chakra, you will feel disconnected from the spiritual plane, have difficulty accessing your intuition, and feel mentally foggy.

The third eye chakra is the place where we reconcile the spiritual, mental, and physical planes of existence, so it’s important to be able to balance and nourish this area, so you can live an awakened and fulfilling life. The entire universe of wisdom and higher levels of vibration lie just beyond this chakra, waiting for you to explore. You may use many things to activate your third eye, including visualization, meditation, and light therapy, but crystals and oils are particularly potent.

Stones for the Third Eye Chakra

1. Kyanite

Arguably the most popular stone for developing intuitive and psychic abilities, kyanite comes in many colors and carries a strong vibration of spiritual wisdom. Indigo, blue, and black kyanite are especially powerful to help your third eye to “see”, so you can make informed decisions, access universal wisdom, and gain insight into difficult situations. Kyanite is great to use during meditation, visualization, or periods of concentration.

2. Lapis Lazuli

One of the most treasured and mysterious stones, lapis lazuli looks like a star-studded night sky, inviting you to look deep into the heavens. This stone will help illuminate your way, help connect you to your spirit guides, and aid in dream recall. Lapis will slowly open your third eye, expose you to broader and deeper ways of thinking, and encourage your spiritual development.

3. Labradorite

A favored stone of empaths, labradorite allows you to develop your intuitive gifts without fear of overwhelm or persecution. This shimmery and opalescent stone is both beautiful and mysterious, and works well to shield you from negativity, prevent you from taking on other’s “stuff”, and to see clearly when giving advice or direction. It can help you gain confidence in your psychic abilities, and encourage you to see on a deeper level.

4. Amethyst

The translucent purple of this stone fosters an authentic spiritual awakening, and is great to balance all the chakras, but notably the third eye. Amethyst can help calm the mind, while allowing the spirit to grow, and is a great stone to keep by your bedside if you want to remember your dreams or try astral traveling. It is a strongly protective stone, so you can feel safe exploring the unknown with it by your side.

5. Sodalite

Veins of deep blue, white, and light blue make sodalite beautiful to behold, and it is both soothing and opening to the third eye chakra. This stone will allow you to receive spiritual messages more clearly, and help you place more trust in yourself and your intuitive abilities. It helps form a bridge between intelligent thought and intuitive guidance, encouraging a holistic mindset and worldview.

Essential Oils for the Third Eye Chakra

1. Rosemary

One of the best oils for aiding concentration, rosemary is fresh, herbaceous and invigorating. It’s a perfect oil when you need to tackle mind-related tasks, or something that requires a lot of stamina. It can help you stay in a place of high vibration for longer, such as meditation or visualization, and may allow wisdom to flow more freely into your consciousness.

2. Bay Laurel

An ancient third eye oil, bay laurel was used by the Greeks to aid in prophecy and divination for centuries. Its spicy and camphorous scent awakens the mind and helps generate new ideas, often with spiritual insight and direction. You can use bay laurel to communicate with spirit guides, and boost confidence when disseminating messages from the Divine. It is also a great oil for creativity and inspiration.

3. Vanilla

This popular fragrance oil is wonderful for creating a warm, calm atmosphere to connect to your higher self without fear or interruption. The sweet notes are soothing and familiar, and they blend well with the other, more herbaceous third eye oils. Vanilla nourishes the emotional body, so that you can be open to receive spiritual guidance and accept it for what it is.

4. Palo Santo

A holy and sacred wood, palo santo has a distinctly sweet and earthy scent, and has been used to encourage spiritual awareness and devotion. This essential oil can help you set your earthly concerns aside to communicate with the Divine, and is very gentle on the third eye chakra, allowing it to open in an authentic way. It is very cleansing to use in your home, and can dispel negative energies.

5. Lemon

Bright and fresh, this oil is great to relieve tension headaches, improve concentration, and banish a bad mood. Lemon will help you stay focused, increase your intellect, and your ability to conquer mind-related tasks. This fruity oil blends well with others, and is also great to cleanse your space and invite in new wisdom and energy. Use lemon when you feel stagnant, blocked, or foggy.

Whether you are trying to develop your spiritual gifts, or simply improve your memory and reasoning skills, these stones and essential oils can help you on your way. Use these tools to improve your spiritual life, awaken to new truths, and explore the heavens! 

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