21 Easy Ways To Shift Your Energy


Hello dear friends!

The last few weeks have been unusually difficult for me. Multiple setbacks and disappointments, a sprinkling of strangely haunting dreams, and a rare flare in old symptoms have really set me back, emotionally. But it wasn’t until just a few days ago that I realized I could really FEEL this energy in and around my body. I could also see it (this is often how I receive energetic info: visually)- its color, texture, shape, and temperature. And I got the sense that if I didn’t get intentional about shifting this energy, and soon, it would cloud everything I did.

Now, I’m no stranger to shifting energy. As a coach and Reiki practitioner, I’m used to dealing with the subtleties that underlie all of our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. But I’m still human, and sometimes it’s hard to remember to put these practices to good use for myself! I’m strict about my energy hygiene before and after working with clients, but honestly, I get pulled into the same funks that everyone else does.

This week was a valuable reminder that I have all the tools I need to move energy; I just actually gotta get off my butt and use them! Since I see a lot of stuck, stagnant energy with my clients too, I thought I’d share a bunch of simple ways that you can shift whatever you’re feeling in this moment.

Because when you apply your attention and intention to moving energy, you can get to a better place, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The concept of moving energy is built upon a foundation of two truths:

Everything is energy.

And, as Ayurvedic medicine tells us:

Stagnation is the enemy of good health.

Ready to get things movin’? Yeah, I thought so.

Let’s dig in!

1. Breathe

Yes, it’s first on the list because it’s the easiest, quickest, and often most effective way to move energy. Your breath is the foundation of your state of being! Practice a few rounds of intentional breathing and watch how things can change. Some of my fave techniques include:

2. Drink water

I know, I sound like your mom. But if your mom is anything like my mom, she was right about hydration. Most of us are chronically dehydrated, and even if you don’t think you are, it never hurts to down a nice cool, fresh glass of water (natural spring or filtered water is best). Bonus points for putting some crystals or flower essences in!

3. Cry

So many people don’t allow themselves to cry (myself included), but this is a seriously potent way to move energy. Practice letting the tears come, and relishing the feeling of relief after they’ve passed. All kinds of tears count too- tears of joy, frustration, grief, loneliness, reminiscence, connection, or anything that makes you feel moved.

4. Smudge

There’s a reason why so many people, especially us energy workers, use smudging on the regular. This is an ancient practice to shift the vibration in your space/around your body, and it works. Light up that white sage, palo santo, cedar, or whatever other smudge stick you have, and cleanse and/or bless your area!


5. Write it out

For some, releasing words onto a page is incredibly cathartic. If that’s you, use journaling as a way to move your energy when it’s feeling stuck. You can take things a step further by writing things down, and burning the page(s) afterwards.

6. Do kegels

Your pelvic floor is one of the most muscularly complex and innervated areas of your body. Intentionally contracting this area (known as the mula bandha), or “doing a Kegel” can get things moving again, especially when paired with the breath. I utilize this technique a lot when activating my microcosmic orbit.

7. Laugh

I thought people didn’t allow themselves to cry...but man oh man, people don't allow themselves to laugh or be silly either! A good laughing session, either by myself or with others, can totally change my mood in a moment. Plus, it releases tons of happy hormones and tones the abdominals. Find some silly videos online, play a game with your friends, or heck, make some funny faces at yourself until you can’t stand it anymore.

8. Take a shower/bath

It can wake you up, calm you down, get you into a creative flow, and lots of other things- the simple act of washing or soaking your body! Jump in a hot shower or bath, or take a cool rinse-off, to get your headspace clear again.

9. Meditate

Since there are hundreds of different ways to meditate, you can certainly find at least one that can help you move whatever energy that needs moving. I’ve found that when I’m in a funk, following along to a guided meditation is easiest for me- this seems to keep me from falling further down the rabbit hole (you know what I mean…). Some of my faves include:

10. Eat something

Now, I’m not advocating for “eating your feelings,” but it’s important to acknowledge that food is energy and everything we eat has its own vibration. If you want to shift into a higher place, try having a mindful meal or snack of something healthy like fresh, raw fruit, or a green smoothie.


11. Get off

Yep, I’m talking orgasm. From an energetic perspective, this is a HUGE release, and most people feel so much better afterwards. If having an orgasm, either on your own or with a partner, is relatively easy (let’s not add to the frustration), make time to do so. Take things to the next level by being intentional about it, and incorporating breathwork.

12. Sing

One of the best ways to open your throat chakra (99% of people are blocked here in some way) is to sing! Thankfully, I’ve been seeing a voice coach lately, and have also been overdosing on musicals, and these have helped me move a lot of energy in this area. Let yourself sing along to your favorite tunes, do a little acapella in the shower, or do some vocal toning exercises.

13. Go outside

I’ve written quite a bit about earthing, but even if you’re not familiar with that concept, you probably intuitively know that going outside and being in contact with the earth makes you feel better. Be among the trees, rivers, beaches, meadows, or wherever sets you right again. Bonus for going barefoot.

14. Use oils

I’ve used essential oils for many years, so I know by now how potent they are when I need to shift something. All oils have medicinal properties, but they also have metaphysical and emotional properties too. Whatever energy is stuck in your field right now, there is an oil (or several) for that!

15. Yell/scream/howl

Take the benefits of singing, and give them a deep, primal twist. Intentional vocal expression can be tremendously healing and cathartic! Go somewhere you won’t disturb (too many) other people, and let ‘er rip. Howl at the moon. Yell. Bellow. Scream. Shout. Whoop. Roar.

16. Do yoga

Any type of physical movement is great, but you can move energy even better if you are fully present and tuned into your breath. Just 5 minutes of yoga asana can shift things to a different place. I personally love Yoga with Adriene!

17. Call someone

...or for those of us phone-hating introverts, text or message someone. Sometimes, especially with heavy, dense energy, we get stuck in our own experiences and can’t see beyond our own noses. It can help to talk with someone else, to not only feel supported and validated, but also to change your perspective.

18. Try tapping

Tapping, aka EFT, aka Emotional Freedom Technique, is a therapeutic practice that’s gaining in popularity. It’s amazing for processing trauma and difficult emotions, and most of the time, it only takes a few rounds to feel the positive effects. You can learn the basics on your own quite easily, or see a trained EFT practitioner.


19. Dance

Doesn't matter if you’re doing the foxtrot, or you’re twerking, moving your body to music can be restorative and invigorating. Dance it out in your living room, in the club, or wherever you’re comfortable. This is like combining the healing powers of breath, physical activity, and sound all in one! And speaking of sound…

20. Use sound

There are a lot of different ways to use sound for healing purposes, and I personally love them all! If you have singing bowls, chimes, or similar tools, give those a go. If you can play a musical instrument, sit down for a little jam sesh. Or pop your headphones in and put on a song that you really love.

21. Get Reiki

Sometimes, we encounter energy that’s just too stubborn to move ourselves, or we’re too close to it to see how to shift it. That’s where energy workers like myself can help! Book a Reiki session, either in-person or over distance, and let a trained healer assist you in removing blocks, cleansing your field, and balancing your chakras.

Psst- wanna give this last one a try? I’m offering 10% off all Reiki sessions this month. Schedule yours right here!

Alright, my friends...I hope this list is helpful to you! Mix and match any of these that you’d like, when you feel the need to get things flowing again. I’d love to hear your experiences!

Until next time…

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~