New Moon In Cancer: Insights & Practice


Hello dear friends!

It's already time for another new moon, coming up this week! I don't know about you, but this past moon cycle, especially the full moon, was pretty intense for me. I felt a lot of cleansing fire energy, and released a lot of things that I no longer needed. Whew! So, now it's time to relax once more, and settle into the embrace of the Cancer new moon.

Before we explore this month's insights, I highly recommend you check out my blog on the wisdom of the moon's cycle. This will give you an overview of all 8 moon phases, and the invitation within each of them. I'll wait right here...

Ready? Alright, let's jump in!

As the moon continues her monthly cycle through the heavens, we are called to listen to her wisdom, particularly during the time of the new moon. This fresh beginning of each lunar cycle is also a fresh start for us, with a new theme and new energy to work with. In the celestial rhythm, the new moon arrives in each of the 12 zodiac signs throughout the year, and this is a special invitation to play with these qualities within ourselves.

This new moon, in the sign of Cancer, can open your consciousness to the flow of passion, intuition, and sensitivity in your own being, and in the world at large.


Cancer is known as one of the “cardinal” signs, meaning it marks the beginning of a new season, and carries a particularly strong energy. This zodiac sign ushers in the season of summer, and is linked to the element of water and the color white. Symbolized by the crab, ruled by the moon, and associated with the 4th astrological house, of security and comfort. Cancer energy is fluid, loving, emotional, and loyal, but the tenderness is often shielded by a tough exterior- no wonder the symbol is the crab!

All of us have traits of the 12 signs within us, but you may notice that during Cancer season, your emotions may be heightened and you may feel more vulnerable than usual. At this new moon, tap into this flow, and resist the urge to retreat into your shell. The gifts of the Cancer sign include: intuition, domesticity, tenacity, loyalty, empathy, and a vivid imagination.

However, just like all signs, Cancer has its challenges; it can also be moody, suspicious, insecure, pessimistic, and extremely hard to get to know. Notice all of these dynamics as they come to a head in this new moon.

Each new moon already calls us to turn our attentions inward, to rest and re-energize, and to set our intentions for the month ahead, and the Cancer new moon is no exception. In fact, you may find an even stronger inward pull this month, especially because this sign is ruled by the moon and of water. The electromagnetic field around you is responding to the moon’s phase, and you may feel particularly emotional right now. Instead of seeing this as a liability or a weakness, attempt to embrace your intuitive gifts, and remember that you, like the crab, are tender on the inside, but still have the power to pinch when provoked.

Cancer season, occurring in late June through late July, is a great time to explore your own water energy, and observe where and how it flows. This new moon is not the time to leap ahead with ambition- now is your chance to bring your focus back to your heart and your home. If you have been struggling with heightened emotions or feeling hurt, bring it all into your awareness now, with as much non-judgment as possible. It’s often uncomfortable to show your inner world to someone else, so give thanks for the people in your life who love and support you no matter what.


Your invitation for the new moon in Cancer:

Rituals are a great way to mark each new moon, and this Cancer moon is filled to the brim with vibrant life energy. Both art and water are associated with this sign, so this month’s ritual will entail some watercolor therapy!

You will need: a sheet of white watercolor paper, a watercolor set, brushes, small cup of water, a white candle, and a clean surface to work on.

Light your candle and meditate for a moment on the energy of Cancer, and your own emotional/intuitive gifts. Just like Cancer’s color is white, your white paper will serve as the backdrop for your spectrum of emotions. Allow yourself to paint freely with your watercolors, and when you are finished, display your piece on your altar this month.

So, friends, how have you been feeling, moving out of this past full moon, and into this watery, emotional energy? I don't know about you, but I'll be spending some time this week, tending to my inner worlds, my home life, and noticing what tends to draw me out of my "shell" and what makes me whip out my pincers!

Don't forget to tune into our free new moon Reiki session. See you there!

As always...

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~