New Moon In Leo: Insights & Practice

Image taken from Astrology

Image taken from Astrology

Hello dear friends!

It's that time again. Well, actually it's a little bit early, but since Amie and I do our new moon Reiki sessions on the Monday before each new moon, sometimes we can be a bit ahead of schedule. Either way, I do like to post these before those sessions, to give you a little context and to help focus your attentions, so you can both, make time for your own personal practice, and also get even more out of our online session! Come on over and follow me on Instagram to get more updates about this.

So, as usual, before we dive into this month's new moon theme, I want to remind you to check out my whole post on the wisdom of the moon's cycle, and why we should even care about this at all. 

When you're ready, let's get into this coming moon cycle!

As the gorgeous moon loops back around and retreats into darkness, our collective consciousness shifts into a place of rest and reflection. Each new moon marks a new beginning, and a chance for us to change course, to explore a new energy dynamic. When the moon is at her darkest, settling into a quiet shadow, we can work with her, and the zodiac sign she’s currently in, to plant new seeds. This month, our new moon enters the sign of Leo, calling us to embrace our inner “queen/king of the jungle.” The Leo new moon can ignite a spark within us, to step forward, to speak our truth, and shine our lights bright for all to see.


The sign of Leo is symbolized by the lion, the color gold, and the element of fire. It is linked to the 5th house in astrology, the house of joy and pleasure, and is ruled by the sun. Leo season is bright, cheerful, passionate, and expansive, so now is the time to explore these things within you, and the world around you. No matter what sun sign you were born under, all of us have characteristics of Leo that we can share with others, and channel in a positive way during this time of year.

Approaching the new moon in Leo, you may find that your energy levels are a tad higher than usual. Your digestion may be stronger, your sleep deeper, and your moods elevated. Your own inner lion may be awakening right now, and now is your invitation to train that creature and show them the right way to apply their energy. There are many reasons why Leo energy makes for  a great leader, entertainer, and lover; things like courage, loyalty, self-expression, generosity, and passion can be wonderful dynamics to have in your life. However, Leo season also has a shadow side, and may bring out arrogance, laziness, stubbornness, and your inner drama queen.

Because the new moon marks a time of quiet and intention-setting, see if you can complement Leo’s fire with this cool, contemplative energy. When we take the time to see all the aspects of Leo, and mindfully direct this inner spark and drive, we can accomplish great things. Pay attention to your temper right now, and acknowledge the ways that you may be fanning the flames of conflict. Instead, direct your lion energy towards playtime, adventure, romance, and possibly taking a new leadership role in your career.

Leo’s new moon asks us to examine our pride, evaluate the people and obligations we keep in our lives, and to rekindle our joy and sense of playfulness.

This lunar phase, in the height of summer, is a sacred invitation to channel our fire in a way that keeps us warm, but doesn’t burn our house down! Take time to set new goals and reflect on ways to be a positive role model for yourself, your family, and your community.


Your invitation for the new moon in Leo

The hot and sunny energy of Leo is rising right now, and you may feel drawn out of the shadows by the warmth. Stoke your inner fire and love on your inner child this month, with a playful yoga practice.

For the Leo new moon ritual, you will need: a gold candle, an open space to move around in, and a yoga mat or blanket.

To begin, light your candle and watch the flame dance, as you tune into your breath. Honor your inner courage, your inner sun, your inner royalty. Do a few rounds of “lion’s breath” (also called simhasana)- you may find tutorials online if you aren’t already familiar with this. Next, as you are able, do a few rounds of sun salutations on your yoga mat/blanket. Go at your own pace, infusing your movements with a sunny, joyful, playful energy.

If you were feeling a little weighed down or overemotional last month (hello, Cancer...), now is your chance to shake it off and learn to play again. Claim your crown as the king or queen of your own jungle!

See you for the new moon Reiki event, friends, and of course, in the meantime...

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~