New Moon In Libra: Insights & Practice

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Hello dear friends!

Here we are again, arriving at another new moon, this time in the sign of Libra. We’ve just passed into the season of fall, which is an especially great time to take stock and do some intentional practice. I hope you’ll join me for my free new moon Reiki session on Instagram!

Alright, as usual, before we dive right in, in case you need a refresher on the insights from each of the moon’s cycles, you can check out my blog right here. Okay, ready to learn what this particular new moon has in store? Let’s check it out.

Every month, our lovely moon completes another cycle of light and darkness, beginning and ending with the new moon phase. During this special time, we are called inwards, to reflect upon our inner landscape, and to make plans for the month ahead. The new moon is also a particularly meaningful point in the cycle, because it exists in each of the twelve zodiac signs, bringing new energies out to play. All of us have the opportunity to work with these unique dynamics within ourselves, and see them expressed in the world around us, during each sign’s season. This month, approaching the new moon in Libra, we are invited to reconnect to our own harmony, balance, fairness, and grace.


A cardinal sign, signaling the beginning of autumn, Libra is the sign of balance. Symbolized by the scales, this energy calls forth the universal balance and justice in all things. Libra is associated with the color pink, the planet Venus, and the 7th astrological house, pertaining to our relationships. This house is especially pertinent when discussing the dynamics of equality and harmony, in all of our interactions with others, whether they are romantic or platonic connections. Libra is represented by the element of air, which is helpful when dealing with communication, fairness, and relationships.

There are many wonderful aspects to Libra season, and this new moon is your chance to embody these things! Libra energy is charming and graceful, it is diplomatic and warm, it is cooperative and social. This is an expression of the Divine peacekeeper, and also the seeker of justice for all. Now is the time to explore areas in your life where you may work to keep the peace, or certain causes/charities you support, that bring justice to the world. Libra also has a shadow side, so be aware of the dynamics of indecision/waffling on issues, keeping a grudge, self-pity, or avoiding confrontation.

Allow this new moon to awaken your consciousness to your own inner harmony, as well as promoting harmony in your home and office. Notice where the scales seem to heavily favor one dynamic or another, and pay attention to how you treat others- whether that’s with favoritism or a hidden bias. The Libra new moon is the perfect time to set new intentions around how we relate to others, especially those from different backgrounds or points of view. Libra energy is dynamic, intelligent, and always looking for its equal.

Bring to mind the things about yourself that you may be compromising, in order to not “rock the boat,” during this new moon reflection. Libra energy can sometimes be too selfless in the sense that it can lead us to sacrifice our own happiness or needs, in order to care for others. Now’s the time to tip the scales to honor your own joys, desires, and ambitions too. New moons always offer us a time to rest and regenerate, so use this one to set some healthy boundaries for yourself and your relationships.


Your invitation for the new moon in Libra:

Going along with the Libra theme of balance and harmony, this new moon ritual will entail a personal journaling and breath practice to honor all sides of yourself and help you find your center again.

You will need: a pink candle, a journal, pen/pencil, and a place where you won’t be disturbed.

Light your candle, and invite the Libra energy to guide your ritual. To begin, do a few minutes of alternate-nostril breathing (nadi shodhana)- you can watch this video if you’re not familiar with this. Then, in your journal, make a list of all the qualities within yourself that exist in complement/harmony with each other. This is not about “good” or “bad,” but simply seeing that each energy has its equal and opposite energy. Think about the places where you are “both/and” something, instead of “either/or” something. Give thanks for this beautiful balance within you!

Okay, friends- what do you think? Do you feel the scales tipping one way or the other, during this time of year? How do you like to find your balance again?

I hope to see you soon at this month’s new moon Reiki event!

And as always…

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~