New Moon In Sagittarius: Insights & Practice

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Hello dear friends!

We’ve been in Sagittarius season for just over a week now, and it’s time for this sign’s new moon! Want a quick refresh on all the moon’s phases and what they mean for you? Head over to this blog post first!

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Ready to dig into this month’s new moon in Sag? Let’s do it!

The beginning and end of each lunar cycle is the new moon, a time of darkness and rebirth. As the moon enters the shadow, she allow us too to turn our attention inwards and prepare ourselves for another month. This is our opportunity to plant new seeds, and we can also look to the astrological wisdom here, for a deeper and more profound experience. The upcoming new moon is happening in the sign of Sagittarius, and regardless of when you were born, you have some of this adventurous, expansive energy within you. Now, in this season, is the time to better understand your Sagittarius dynamics and how to use them for your highest good.


Symbolized by the archer, the sign of Sagittarius is one of enlightenment and freedom. Associated with a rich purple color, the element of fire, the planet Jupiter, and the 9th astrological house of expansion, this sign is full of power and forward momentum. It is our own Sagittarius energy that motivates us to travel, to learn new things, and to expand our worlds, along with speaking our truths. The imagery of archery plays in well with this sign, enveloping themes of: setting our sights on a goal, shooting straight, and hunting down our desires. Sagittarius energy is dynamic, engaging, and eager, leading us ever onward.

This sign brings many positive elements to our personal lives, careers, and relationships. Being adventurous, open-minded, generous, and free can be incredibly fulfilling. Travel, knowledge, philosophy, and movement are great ways to fan the Sag flame. However, this energy is also known to be blunt, careless, and impatient, potentially resulting in hurt feelings and burnt bridges (it’s a fire sign, after all!) whether they were intended or not. This new moon in Sagittarius can be a good time to reflect on your inner wanderlust and thirst for novelty, while acknowledging the people and things we may be trading in for those new experiences.

Sagittarius season, between November 22nd and December 21st, marks the very end of autumn and the idea of gathering the last of the year’s bounty while it’s out there. Before the cold, unyielding energy of winter sets in, our inner Sagittarius pushes us forward with urgency, trying to collect everything possible. However, this dynamic isn’t sustainable for long! Temperance is the name of the game, when taming your inner Sag sign. This fiery energy can consume everything in its path if you’re not careful, so during this new moon, think about areas where perhaps you’ve allowed your personal quest to take over. The sign of Sagittarius can be a bit of an extremist, pushing people away in favor of ultimate freedom and adventure.

When working with this new moon, take the time to honor your inner thirst for knowledge, and your wonderful expansive mind. We are not meant to be contained or controlled as human beings, but we can harness this Sagittarius wisdom in a calm and clear fashion. Travel, learning, and idealistic philosophy can be empowering, but only when we can share our enlightenment with the world, can we truly bring this sign into balance.


Your invitation for the new moon in Sagittarius

During this new moon in Sagittarius, take the time to do a little ritual, to harmonize this energy within yourself.

For this practice, you will need: a purple candle, room to stretch out, and either a computer, phone, or journal.

Begin by lighting your candle and taking some deep breaths. Next, do some “power posing” with one or more of the following yoga poses: gate pose, warrior I or II pose, five-pointed star pose, or wild thing pose. After a few minutes of yoga, sit comfortably and think of something you’ve always wanted to try, or somewhere you’ve wanted to visit. Make arrangements right now, to try this new activity or book your travel. This doesn’t need to be a huge trip or cost a lot of money, but it’s important to take advantage of this opportunity to expand your mind and worldview. Maybe harness your inner Sag with an archery class!

So friends, what do you think? Have you felt the tug of your inner Sagittarius lately?

Join me on Monday for a little energy tune-up with this zodiac sign in mind!

Until next month…

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~