7 Reasons To Give Energy Medicine A Try


Hello dear friends!

I am a huge advocate for traditional medicine, and when I say “traditional”, I mean in the “humans practiced this for thousands of years” kind of tradition, not the conventional medicine that many people now associate with the Western system. I am all about returning to tradition, and getting back in touch with the Earth-centered, community-centered, self-empowering healing methods that we have used in the past. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I am anti-conventional medicine. Not at all! I just know it has its limits, and when it comes to true, deep, profound healing of complex conditions like Lyme disease or CFS, it’s absolutely out of its field.

One of the most commonly used traditional healing modalities is that of energy medicine. Now, if you are anything like I was 5 years ago, you may be asking what the heck that is, or why this woo-woo stuff has anything to do with recovering from illness. It’s okay if you’re there- I get it! It took me many years to be open to trying energy work, but I am so incredibly grateful that I did. Once I realized that energy work, specifically Reiki, could support me in a safe and loving way, and create the space I needed to heal some emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds, I knew I wanted it to be a regular part of my recovery.

This post is, in part, an invitation for you to give energy work a try, and also an invitation to join my Reiki mentorship program. After getting my Master/Teacher certification a few years ago, I knew that one day I would love to mentor others looking to step into their healing powers too! I didn’t get my certification just because it was something cool or trendy to do, I invested in it because Reiki changed my life, and I felt like I needed to “pay it forward”. I am so thrilled that I now can offer this incredible healing modality to others, and create a network of other Reiki practitioners!

So, whether you have never experienced energy work before, or maybe you tried once a long time ago, and need some motivation to jump in again, this blog is for you.

There are many ways that energy can heal, transform, and support you, but here are just seven to get you started!

1. It’s non-invasive

I don’t know about you, but all the doctors and treatments and drugs and needles make me tired after a while. Because your body cannot fully relax under invasive conditions, the amount of healing you can experience is limited. Energy work is different in that it’s completely comfortable and respectful of your space and boundaries. You can enjoy Reiki lying fully-clothed on a cushy table, or even in a chair or on a bed! Your stress hormones can take a well-deserved break during a session, and that’s crucial to your recovery.


2. It also gives the benefit of touch

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: we modern humans are incredibly starved for touch. Just being touched or held by another (safe, compassionate) person can be transformative in and of itself. Touch therapy has been shown to lower blood pressure, boost pleasure chemicals in the brain, and shift brainwaves into a meditative, peaceful state. For all of these reasons and more, I practice a hands-on style of Reiki, mixing and matching above-body and on-the-body work for maximal healing. Granted, this doesn’t apply to distance work, which is still very powerful!

3. It creates a safe space

Most of us don’t know the power of a truly safe, nurturing environment, and how important that is for our psychological and emotional health. When I work with someone, I make sure that the room is comfortable, quiet, and is infused with the energy of love, security, and supportive spiritual guidance. It’s also my job to simply be a facilitator of whatever needs to happen for your ultimate wellbeing, and I am there to hold space for your transformation. It’s honestly one of the best gifts that I can give- the gift of a safe, loving presence.

4. It doesn’t come with side effects

One of the best things about Reiki is that it works only in your favor, only to support your deepest healing and happiness. When you get on my table, you don’t have to worry about experiencing nasty side effects, like those that come with conventional medications or procedures. In this way, energy work is quite low-risk, and won’t interact with any of your current meds, herbs, or other treatments you may have. It actually forms a stronger support system, so that your other interventions can work even better!

5. It works on your whole self

Many conventional treatments only focus on one aspect of you at a time, especially when it comes to the physical body, where they are subdivided even further based on physiological systems, individual pathogens, etc…One great thing about energy work is that it encompasses all of you, all at once. Energy can work on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, so it’s the ultimate “holistic” modality, because it really does work on the whole of you! When you can play with all that makes you, “you”, at once, you can take your healing to another level.


6. It puts the power back in your hands

Some people may have the idea that energy workers are actively doing or giving something to their clients, and that their clients are the passive recipients of such energy. It couldn’t be further from the truth! Yes, I am there to channel Reiki to you, but you are always 100% in control of the session. You, your body, and your higher self are the ones directing the energy, and deciding what to do with it, so it serves your best interests. When you get on my table, we make an agreement (spoken or unspoken) to work together for your healing and happiness. With energy work, your role of co-creator is incredibly important and valued.

7. It’s fun!

I wanted to end with this one, because for me, and many other people, energy work is just plain fun. We get to explore the subtleties of your system, play with dialoguing, release old junk, meet your spiritual guides, travel back in time, manifest your desires, and even incorporate other goodies like crystals, essential oils, and singing bowls in our time together. I always say that healing is an adventure, and Reiki definitely feels like that to me. Often, clients will come away from a session with new tools, a clearer sense of themselves and their circumstances, and a new feeling of empowerment moving forward. I never get tired of learning, exploring, and helping people with energy work!

Even though the times are a’changin’, and Reiki is now practiced in hospitals and clinics across the country, I still understand the hesitance to try it. We’re taught that modern, Western medicine is the only answer, and we’re constantly being warned about the alternative “quacks” and “mumbo jumbo” that’s out there. It takes a certain amount of courage to step outside of that system, and embrace something else. Some traditions have stood the test of time, and energy medicine is one of those traditions. And I hope you’ll give it a try!

If you are interested in booking a session with me, I currently offer distance healing sessions, available worldwide, and will begin offering in-person sessions throughout Denver soon. Hooray!

Let’s shift into healing together, friend.

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~