New Moon In Capricorn: Insights & Practice


Hello dear friends!

The first new moon of the year is upon us. I hope you’ll be tuning in for our very special new year new moon Reiki event!

Each new moon provides an opportunity to go within, set goals, and plant new seeds, so doing this at the beginning of the year can be particularly potent!

Need a refresh on the moon phases, and how you can work with their wisdom? Check out this post first.

Ready? Let’s dive into this coming new moon in Capricorn:

There comes a point in each month, when the moon circles back into the quiet darkness. This time, the new moon, calls us to go within and reassess our energy for the cycle ahead. During the contemplative time of the new moon, we can tap back into our true selves, and better understand the dynamics in our inner and outer worlds. This time of introspection is so important! When we add in the wisdom of the zodiac signs, we can get yet another layer of insight, and this month’s new moon in Capricorn is the time to explore your own work ethic, responsibility, and attitudes about abundance.


Capricorn is both, and earth sign and a cardinal sign, meaning that this energy is particularly grounded and strong. This sign, symbolized by the mountain goat, brings the season of winter and is all about stability, pragmatism, and self-control. Capricorn season (Dec 22- Jan 19) can be harsh and demanding, but this energy is ideal for helping us buckle down and get things done, ensuring our survival and the survival of our loved ones. Associated with the color brown, the planet Saturn, and the 10th astrological house of career, Capricorn embodies our capabilities to accomplish, to provide, and to survive.

When it comes to traits and dynamics of the Capricorn sign, there are many wonderful things to be gleaned...and a warning of what to watch out for. This sign carries tremendous skill and strength, particularly in the areas of organization and management. The mountain goat is strong, resilient, and constantly on a quest to climb ever higher into the hills. This is a wonderful energy to employ, when you want to advance your career, re-organize your home, or tend to your finances. However, Capricorn can be extremely stubborn, condescending, unyielding, pessimistic, and rigid. This month, during the new moon in this sign, try to recognize areas where you may be placing work above all else, and areas where you may be grasping too tightly.

The Capricorn new moon, just like all new moons, is your sacred chance to step back and take stock of your life and how you spend your time. In the quiet serenity, created by the moon’s retreat into shadow, we can decide how we wish to change, and set plans in motion to manifest something new in the month ahead. Working with your inner taskmaster, your inner perfectionist, and your inner pragmatist, perhaps you can find a more organized and stable way to reach your goals. Call upon your Capricorn energy to re-motivate yourself, but don’t forget to let go when it’s time to focus on other things besides work and paying bills!

As the season of Capricorn is underway, notice where you may be holding yourself and others to an impossible standard, or where you’re stuck in the “lack mentality.”

Also see if you can find a new balance between being practical and being spontaneous and joyful.


Your invitation for the new moon in Capricorn

Working with the element of earth, and the idea of letting go, this month’s ritual will help you release the obsession with control, and help you reconnect with the supportive, grounding vibration of the planet.

You will need: a brown candle, a handful of rocks or stones, a patch of dirt/soil, and a quiet area for reflection (you may do this entire ritual outdoors).

Begin by lighting your candle and quieting your mind. Lay your stones out in front of you, and reflect on the areas where you are grasping for control- in your relationships, finances, home life, career, etc...Pick up one stone and hold it in your hands, infusing it with an intention to release control and trust that all is taken care of. When you are done releasing your fears into each stone, bury them in the earth/soil, and give thanks for the abundance and Divine support that is available to you.

I don’t know about you, but these Cap dynamics sound like exactly what I need to work with, to kick my year off right!

Wishing you a very happy New Year, friends. And as always…

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~