New Moon In Gemini: Insights & Practice


Hello dear friends!

It's that time again- another new moon is just around the corner. And this one is a special one for me, since it's in the sign of Gemini- my personal sun and moon sign! 

To go along with my free monthly new moon Reiki series (a collaboration between me and my friend, Amie), I've been posting these blogs, to give a little deeper insight on each month's astrological sign, and how it ties into the moon phase. I've found that having this extra wisdom is helpful, and the chance to do my own ritual or practice is also a wonderful way to stay connected to the rhythms of nature. 

If you want to brush up on the meaning of each of the moon's cycles, check out this blog first.

This new moon, like every new moon, is your chance to sit back, reflect, and set some intentions for the coming month. As the moon makes her retreat into darkness, we too can look inward, and take the time to decide where we wish to invest our energy next. Each of the year’s new moons belongs to a different sign of the zodiac, and each contains its own special wisdom for us to glean. In late May, through late June, we enter into Gemini territory, and the new moon in Gemini may offer a chance for you to connect with your own intellect, sociability, and communication skills.


The sign of Gemini is known as the “twin sign,” and is linked with the element of air. It is also connected with the color of yellow and ruled by the planet of Mercury. Associated with the 3rd house of astrology, of communication, this sign is all about the strength, speed, and clarity of our minds, and how we speak our truth. Gemini energy drives our thirst for knowledge and experience, along with our ability to share our wisdom with others.

There is a light and shadow side to each zodiac sign, and each of their respective new moons offer a chance for us to acknowledge both sides of the sign within ourselves. The Gemini sign is great at communication, adaptability, and curiosity, along with being affectionate and often inspiring. However, the Gemini frequency can also be nervous, inconsistent, indecisive, and easily distracted.

The new moon in Gemini is the perfect time to check in with yourself about your communication, including the way you speak to yourself. Repetitive, obsessive, or judgmental thoughts can be a hangup for the Gemini energy, and sometimes these internal processes can be directed outwards, resulting in hurried, unfocused, or unhelpful words to others. During the quiet of this new moon, through your own ritual and reflection, really ask yourself what your inner landscape looks like. Also, check in with your throat chakra, and explore areas in your life where you may not be speaking your truth, or perhaps areas where your words have hurt others. Now is your sacred invitation to expand your mind, and bring your actions and your values into alignment.

Your inner Gemini is wonderfully curious, flexible, and dynamic. During this time of the year, you may find yourself drawn to new people, new places, or new ideas; go explore these things! Just be aware of the other side, the “twin,” of Gemini, and notice when you want to retreat into your own head, or become overly serious or contemplative. The blustery air energy of Gemini keeps things moving, but can also turn stormy with a quickness. The new moon in Gemini is the time to open your consciousness and invest in new adventures.


Your invitation for the new moon in Gemini:

Because the sign of Gemini is all about communication, this month’s ritual will allow your inner creativity and expression to flow. Often before we can communicate clearly with the world, we must communicate clearly with ourselves. Honesty, gentleness, and truth reign supreme during this new moon.

For this ritual you will need: a quiet place to sit and write, a journal, a pen, and a yellow candle.

Light your candle, and place it in front of you. Close your eyes and bring your intention to opening your mind, allowing it to expand to include multiple perspectives. Now, in your journal, write yourself a letter...a love letter...from the point of view of the Divine/The Universe/God/Spirit itself. This letter should be filled with divine, unconditional love, and an unbiased eye for your own gifts, talents, and capabilities. Allow the words to flow into the page with ease, not stopping to judge or “correct” them. Once the letter feels complete, place it on your altar, or display it somewhere you’ll easily see it each day.

So, my friends, what are you feeling this time of year? Do you notice your own dynamic Gemini energy moving and growing?

Let me know if you're finding these blogs helpful. Don't forget to tune in Monday evening on Instagram for the free Reiki event! And as always...

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~