My 60-Hour Water Fast Experience


Hello dear friends!

I really didn’t plan it. It popped into my head a few days ago. And I felt intuitively guided to listen to that message. So away I went...on my first water fast!

Before I jump into my personal experience, a bit about fasting: This healing practice has been used since the dawn of time, in every major medical tradition and every major spiritual path on earth. Animals do this naturally- think of what happens when an animal gets sick- they stop eating and sometimes stop drinking, and they rest. It’s only us humans that have made fasting into a big, scary, complicated thing!

Fasting is simply taking a break from solid food. There are many different ways to fast- juice fasting (which I did back in May), water fasting, or dry fasting (no food or water). Some people juice or sometimes eat only one type of fruit (usually grapes or melons), and this can also be a type of fast. All in all, this gives the digestive system a break, so your body can divert all the energy it normally would use for digestion into repairing cells and cleaning up the waste!

At first I was pretty worried that a two-day fast would be extremely hard. I had never attempted something like this before! There was also a part of me that was worried I would trigger some past eating disorder trauma from when I was a teenager...thankfully this was not the case for me (but if you have past eating disorder PTSD, I would proceed with fasting with caution).

Like I said, I felt an intuitive push to do this, so I listened. I didn’t force it or schedule it out in advance. I think this is probably the best way to do fasting- honor your body above all!


So, my fast began on Friday night, and I stopped eating at 8pm. I decided to take the entire weekend off from social media as well, to make as much energetic space as possible for rest and renewal. (I highly recommend doing this- your fast can do deeper healing this way!) I also decided I would bring in some lemon and a little bit of raw manuka honey- lemons are highly cleansing and astringent, and manuka honey is great for the gut lining, and would help me from losing my mind (Ha!). Essentially, most of my “meals” were giant jars of weak lemonade. Additionally, I took a break from all my herbs and supplements- I had been going hard with these and taking a lot of different things for a while now, and I knew my body needed a breather.

And it turned out to be exactly what I needed.

Saturday (day 1) was incredibly easy, actually. I didn’t expect it to be so. But I mainly spent the day in a calm, hazy state of mind, and allowed myself to rest a TON. I did feel hungry here and there, but didn’t experience any kind of real detox symptoms. I did a water enema that morning, which seemed to boost my energy and mental clarity, which was also awesome! This gave me renewed motivated to do these enemas more often.

I did a few long meditations, laid in bed for a while in the afternoon, and re-organized some of my herbs and other shop goodies. I slept alright that night- not amazing, but not terrible (which is pretty good for someone with 15+ years of insomnia).

I woke up on Sunday (day 2) with a pretty gnarly headache. I was definitely worried it was going to be a rough day, but I continued drinking my lemon water and breathing deep. Thankfully, the initial headache passed, and I did lots more resting.

Overall, Sunday was harder than Saturday for sure, but I still managed to keep some inner ease and determination going. There were some intense waves of detox symptoms- headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc...that came on throughout the afternoon and evening. But they passed relatively quickly (whew!). I did another water enema, more long meditations, and chilled on the couch for a while, watching a documentary and doing some art therapy.

That day, I really noticed that my senses were sharper. I’m usually always sensitive to things around me, but this was next level. I was seeing colors and auras brighter, hearing more depth in music, and going deeper in my meditation sessions. This would have been a great day to receive some Reiki- maybe next time I will plan to get a session!

I spent the evening with my family, and sat with them as they ate dinner, sipping my lemon water. I managed a couple of games of Wii bowling too, before heading to bed early. Sunday night I slept pretty well, and got more deep sleep than usual.


I told myself that I would shoot for two days for this water fast, and I think it turned out to be just perfect for me. On Monday morning, I woke up pretty clear-headed, but very very weak and shaky. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go any longer this time around, so I was thankful to be ending my fast! I still did my usual lemon water first thing, and sat for meditation, before making my celery juice.

After my juice settled, I dug into a lovely seeded watermelon, and omg did that taste divine! A while after that, I made a banana and cherry smoothie, and brought in some of my adaptogenic herbs. I felt more clear and energized as the morning went on, and I was able to fill some shop orders, go to the post office, and get groceries on Monday! Definitely better than I expected, after my first water fast. Yay!

Overall, this fast was a great experience, and I definitely plan to do another one soon. At a glance, my fast:

  • Lasted about 60 hours. Approximately 8pm on Friday to 8am on Monday.

  • Included some lemon and manuka honey in my water

  • Was enhanced by fasting from social media as well

  • Included daily water enemas

  • Did not include any herbs or supplements

Water fasting can be a powerful healer, if approached correctly. Remember, your body already knows how to heal! When you fast, you save all that digestive energy, and divert it to detox and cellular regeneration instead. Our ancestors knew this, and the animal kingdom knows this too.

Quick notes:

  • I generally don’t recommend water fasts beyond 3 days if you have serious adrenal fatigue or weakness- maybe try juice fasting or fasting on one type of juicy fruit first.

  • Don’t stop taking vital medications during a fast. Talk with your healthcare provider first, if certain meds need to be taken with food.

Are you curious about water fasting? Have you attempted this kind of fast before? I want to hear your experiences!

And of course, if you need some healing guidance, I’m here to help. Reach out and schedule your consultation when you’re ready.

~ Hoping you feel as well as possible ~